Posted by: krittikae | September 23, 2009

Do I have the wrong number?

My first real post will deal with today’s insanity.

In my job, I schedule volunteers to deliver food. Yes, I am a program coordinator for Meals on Wheels. It’s a noble cause people, donate your time.

Today though, I tried to call one of my usual drivers, just to make sure he’d be available this Saturday.

I must have dialed wrong. Later when I finally got said driver on the phone, on his work number, he confirmed that I did have his cell number correct. He also confirmed that he’d drive for me this Saturday.

But oh, the joy of the phone call.

It started with a man who I’d like to believe is hard of hearing. I first asked if I had the correct person. I ALWAYS do this. He said yes, so I go into my spiel of “I have you scheduled this Saturday, will you be there?” He seemed confused. Okay….. so I explain in a little more detail, you drive for me EVERY 4th Saturday of the month, and guess what, it’s time. He said yes, that’s right. So far so good, right?

Well, Hard of Hearing man passed the phone to his wife. I’ll call her Plan Ahead lady. She told me that she just didn’t think it would be a good time for them. Confused, I asked “So you can’t volunteer this Saturday?” She says no, but maybe when they retire. Confused again, I say “Oh, so should I take you off my schedule?” She says, well, it sounds nice, but since they live in Pasadena (TX), it just wouldn’t make sense. Still trying to straighten this out I say “But your husband HAS been volunteering, once a month for quite a while.” She replies that they don’t need to receive meals yet, they aren’t retired. “I’m not offering you meals” I exasperatedly reply, “I just want you to drive.” Oh, Plan Ahead lady says, maybe we’ll drive for you next year when we retire.


Three minutes after the original wrong number, and asking the person if he is in fact who I am trying to call, we finally manage across the fact that I have the wrong number. But good news, next year I apparently have a newly retired couple that’s willing to drive 40 miles to deliver 5 meals.

Next time, Mr. Hard of Hearing and Mrs. Plan Ahead, please just tell me upfront, it’s a wrong number.


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