Posted by: krittikae | September 23, 2009

I didn’t break the copier.

It’s amazing how coworkers come out of the woodwork when the photocopier is broken. It’s also amazing how long it can stay broken when they are all confident they alone have the technical savvy to fix it.

The photocopier broke yesterday afternoon. Sir Prints-a-Lot was apparently copying a few pages (read: 100s), and it misfed. I work for a charity, and therefore, we have old equipment. Our copier jams ALL the time. Especially if you try to copy more than 10 pages in a 5 minute period.

Well, Sir Prints-a-Lot cleared the pages from the feeder, but the copier still has an error message. Sir Prints-a-Lot went back to his office without letting any of the rest of us know. Sheesh.

Despite our best efforts – including following the little diagrams to clear the jam – it still has an error message. We even turned it off for like an hour. No effect. We’ve been waiting for the technician for, gee, about 3 hours now.

Despite the fact that it has been broken for 24 hours now, and that we’ve told EVERYONE who ever uses it, every 30 minutes someone will still walk up to it, expecting to find whatever they’ve just printed. Need I mention the copier is right outside my office?

Then they invariably ask, “Did anyone remove the jam?”

Oh really? The thought never occurred to me. Thank you, oh guru of the copier, because I could NOT have come to that conclusion without you.

Yes, we’ve removed the jam. We’ve even fed a clean sheet through the entire system, trying to TRICK the copier into thinking we’ve newly removed the jam. We’ve had it off, we’ve had it unplugged, we’ve done everything short of hiring an exorcist to come purify our demon copier.

Then they try.

I honestly believe they think they have the “magic touch.” It’s funny to watch them struggle with the machine for 10 minutes, and then give up like everyone before them has given up.

Darn, now I need to print something.


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