Posted by: krittikae | September 25, 2009

Can I borrow a quarter?

New rule: When both MapQuest and GoogleMaps tell you to take Beltway 8 somewhere in Houston, don’t question it. Just get ready to pay the toll.

I kept trying to avoid the Beltway. In my 125 miles of driving today, I got slightly lost twice (meaning I just didn’t know how much further it was until where I wanted to be, but I knew the road I was on would take me there), and really lost once (meaning I kept driving on the road I was on until I saw a road I recognized. In doing so, I passed underneath Beltway 8 at LEAST 6 times. If I had any spare change in my car like a NORMAL person, I probably would have finished my work on time, rather than about 45 minutes late.

I should have just asked someone to give me a quarter.


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