Posted by: krittikae | September 29, 2009

Food Mgr Certification

I’m in a training class for food manager certification. It’s the same thing I took in high school in order to be a McDonald’s manager. I work for Meals on Wheels, where we do absolutely no prep work. Yet we still have to be certified, because we move prepackaged food from one cooler to another. Go figure.

Can I just say? Houston Health and Human Services workers, while a noble, and probably underappreciated profession, are really quite weird. I was greeted this morning at an ungodly hour to “Go have a seat.” Approximately 30 seconds later, I was called from my seat BACK up to the front of the room to sign in. Did I really need to go sit down first? Could I not have just waited patiently for the 1 man in front of me to finish?

The teacher was fond of off-color puns, and was easily distracted. Any little comment sent him off on a tangent; sometimes it took quite awhile to get back to the point. Is it any wonder class ran over?

Then there was the excitement. We’re all diligently listening to something boring, whatever, and a woman near the back screams. People all over the room jumped up, chairs scraping. For a moment, I thought someone disgruntled with learning about bacteria was waving a gun around or something. Not at all.

There was a snake. In the classroom. EW.

Some guy carried it outside. Double EW.

He didn’t go wash his hands afterwards. Triple EW, especially because we had just gone over the bacteria that was spread by poor hygiene.

And I get to go back tomorrow.



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