Posted by: krittikae | October 5, 2009

WWE PPV – In other words, I have the strangest husband.

My husband is a fan of WWE. Normally I don’t mind it much. Some of the story lines get old, like the first episode they do them, not to mention things drag out for months, but still. Normally, I’m doing something else while Paul watches it – reading a book, playing a game, whatever.

For tonight’s pay-per-view, Paul decided he wanted to go out to a sports bar kind of place to watch it. We found a place called Wolfie’s – decent food, plenty of space, and an outlet so I could play Spore on the laptop.

Well, Paul’s one of those people that would normally enjoy whatever sport he’s watching, and maybe good-heartedly cheer for his team/favorite player/whatever. BUT (and this is a major point) if there is someone ELSE who is vocally supporting the OTHER team/favorite player/whatever, Paul gets embarrassingly loud. He’ll boo, clap loudly, cat-call… anything you can think of so the entire restaurant knows his opinion.

It doesn’t help matters that some of his favorite wrestlers are the so-called “bad guys”. Either that, or he just doesn’t like the good guys, so he’ll root for whoever the opponent is.

Honestly, I’m surprised he doesn’t end up in brawls over this. If it hadn’t been a family restaurant where I’m sure people are slightly more civilized, we’d probably have gotten jumped in the parking lot.

Next time I’m taking some sunglasses and a disguise.


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