Posted by: krittikae | October 7, 2009

Fun with the Old Man on the Phone

I get a lot of interesting calls at work – especially in the morning when I’m answering more than one phone. We get a lot of requests for help – and sometimes the person just needs more help than I am able to give…

Today, a nice old man called, wanting to start receiving meals. We get calls like this dozens of times each day. My first question is always “What is your zip code?” This is how the agencies are split up within Houston – each zip code is covered by only 1 agency, so no overlap.

Okay, so the nice man didn’t know his zip code. This happens frequently. He did manage to give me a nice 8 digit number. Ummm yeah, zip codes have 5 numbers? Or occasionally someone will give me the ZIP + 4. He managed to find this 8 digit number and give it to me a half-dozen times over our two phone calls.

In lieu of a zip code, I’m more than willing to go the extra mile. Where do you live? I’ll figure out your zip code for you. My old friend didn’t know where he lives. He didn’t know the street name, any roads nearby, any businesses nearby, the name of the complex he lived in, NOTHING! Absolutely no idea where in the world he was.

I asked him to find out and call me back.

20 minutes later, he DID call back, tried again to give me that 8 digit number, and then finally told me his street address. Luckily enough, I knew it was in our area because we have a few clients that live there too.

Maybe someone should write his address on a tag and stick it inside his shirt. You know, just in case he gets lost?


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