Posted by: krittikae | October 14, 2009

Invasion of the Perrys

I moved to Houston, oh, about 5 months ago. In that time, I think I’ve adjusted to life in the big city pretty well. But then something happens that makes me realize, I could possibly be more homesick than I thought.

Hence, the Invasion of the Perrys.

(Julie Perry was one of my bestest friends and roommates in Ohio before I got married. She was even my bridesmaid at my reception! )

Last week, I was at Walmart, picking up some last minute items for dinner. Namely, these ridiculously thick steaks that my husband just HAD to have (They were seriously like an inch thick). I’m walking through the frozen food section (a shortcut, I swear. It had nothing to do with Ben & Jerry’s.) I see a woman standing sort of in the middle of the aisle. Honestly, she was a dead ringer for Julie’s mom! (Julie’s mom is a twin coincidentally, but I do not believe they are identical).

I shrugged that off as a weird coincidence, went to the registers, and paid for my purchases.

But on the way out – there was a woman walking in front of me that had Julie’s exact hair style. Same color, same curls, same length. It was uncanny! When she turned around, she even looked similar and had similar glasses on.

I’ve come to one of two conclusions. Either Julie is secretly a mad scientist who cloned herself and her mother and sent the clones to live in NW Houston in some elaborate plot to take over the world from the comfort of their local Walmart; OR I probably miss Ohio.


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