Posted by: krittikae | October 20, 2009

Can I go home now? Subtitled: I’m only alive thanks to cough drops

I started to have a slightly dry throat yesterday. Thinking I was just thirsty, I continued to guzzle Pepsi and eat my yummy Sour Cream and Onion Lays.

Turns out, that was a bad idea.

I took one of those “coughing, aching, yadda yadda, so you can sleep” medicines last night, hoping to banish the very THOUGHT of a sore throat, but to no avail. I awoke today to a full blown sore throat, swollen glands and all. No spotting though, which is what my mom/nurse would always check for before taking me to the doctor for my semi-annual strep throat treatment.

I swear, I get strep throat more than any normal human should.

Anyway, I am currently treating it with a bottle of water, cough drops, and hope. In just 6 short hours, I’ll be home from work, where I can take a steaming hot bath and go to sleep, yes, at 3 in the afternoon. I’m hoping a nap will knock this right out of me.

I also looked up home remedies. It says on there quite clearly – do not drink sodas or eat salty snacks, it will aggravate an already irritated throat. Oops. But hypochondriac that I am, I am starting to develop the symptoms that it called “more serious”. I swear, I didn’t have a headache until I read that you should go to the doctor if you have a headache.

On a related note, why does it seem like the only times I WANT to call off sick are the ones I can’t actually call off sick? I can’t today because the other coordinator is off, and I can’t tomorrow because we have 2 staff meetings. After that, I suppose other people could manage with sending out my drivers and stuff.


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