Posted by: krittikae | October 27, 2009

Workin Hard for my Money

It’s getting close to the end of the year. This means, naturally, that everyone is trying to use up their vacation time. All of it. At the same time.

I seem to be the girl that always covers for everyone else. This week, I am covering for 2 coworkers (one is on vacation, one had elective surgery). That means that I spend all morning doing three jobs at once.

Normally, that wouldn’t be such a difficult thing to do. My own job in the morning consists of checking voicemails, finding subs, and finishing up some reports. Add to that one person’s job of more voicemails, changing the routes, and ordering food for the next day; and another’s job of getting all the coolers and signs ready for the day. All by about 9:30.

Still not sound like a lot? Well, today the truck delivering our food arrived at 9:30. All the above stuff was done, but I was literally BY MYSELF in the office. No case managers, no volunteers, no boss. Just me. To empty 3 large coolers of about 200 cartons of milk, 200 salads, 200 packets of ranch dressing; and to count everything out. Thankfully, the boss and one of the case managers showed up just as I was finishing the salads, so I had a bit of help.

Honestly, I’m already tired just THINKING about tomorrow.


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