Posted by: krittikae | November 6, 2009

The Weather: I should become a meteorologist.

I love Texas, but the people are whiney.

Every time the weather comes on the news (which is rare, because I rarely WATCH the news unless Paul makes me) they talk about the FALL WEATHER. Um, hi. We live in Texas? This is not fall weather.

Take today for instance. It’s currently 59 degrees in Houston. It may be a brisk morning, I’ll give you that, but I didn’t wear a coat to work. In fact, I was quite comfortable in jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. But is this truly fall weather? No. Because it’s 59 degrees at 7am. By lunchtime, it’ll be 80.

Now, if you look at Perrysburg OH weather, they’re currently in the low 30s, with a high today of 52 degrees. Yes people, THAT is fall. When you need a jacket all day, and the leaves are changing, and you freeze your butt off watching football, THAT IS FALL. We still have our air conditioner on in the evenings here in Houston.

I should become a meteorologist so that I can tell people to calm the frick down. They think this is bad? They should go visit Ohio, land of the brutal heat in summer (4 months), and the bitter cold in winter (umm, the other 8 just about?) Then they will thank their lucky stars that they live in such a nice, balmy climate as Texas. On second thought, no. I won’t become a meteorologist. Cause then I’d have to watch the news.


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