Posted by: krittikae | November 19, 2009

Ethics Training

Is ethics training really ethical if it’s mandatory?

We had ethics training this morning at work. My table came to the consensus that our coworkers are the most ethical, integrity filled people ever. Yep, totally full of it.

The training started off with a “real life situation”. You’re working through lunch. You need to make copies for a business meeting in less than an hour, but Suzy Q is making 75 copies for her child’s fundraiser. What do you do?

Honest answer? Tell Suzy Q you need to squeeze in and make these copies for your meeting in 30 min. She’ll let you. That’s just the kind of person Suzy is.

The answers of my coworkers? You need to report her. She’s stealing from the company. It all adds up. She’s wasting company time (didn’t we already mention you’re working through lunch? Can’t it be her lunch too?) This is an incredibly serious infraction. 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale (I kid you not, someone really said that.)

Show of hands, who has NOT used the copier for personal reasons? Let he who has not copied throw the first stone.

My table came to the consensus that it all evens out. Sometimes we work a little over without reporting our time (I do it every week), sometimes we have to go out and drive for our job. We get reimbursed mileage, but what about wear and tear? What about having to finish our work in less time then? (The reason WHY I work over a few minutes all the time.) Work is a give and take thing.

Other major ethical crises at my workplace – people that chat with coworkers on the clock, people who take pens, people who try to volunteer their time at NAM while they also work here.

Are these seriously our most pressing problems? I thought the nation was in this massive recession, and according to Hollywood, the world’s going to end in a couple years. If it does, I’m certainly going to need a stockpile of blue ink pens.

Because, you know, I’m ethical.


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