Posted by: krittikae | December 17, 2009

Mr. Opinionated gets on my nerves; Christmas can’t come soon enough.

Have you ever met someone that is always right, no matter what the topic is? Who is an expert in every facet of his existence?

There is such a gentleman at work; I shall call him Mr. Opinionated.

He annoys me. Not because he is opinionated, but because of the things he chooses to be opinionated about. I think that he wants to be seen as the expert of our department.

Okay, so I send groceries to our clients every month. Some volunteers from a food pantry bag up the groceries I order and bring them over to us. Sometimes they get confused as to how many I need. They try to count what I have and subtract that from my order, but I patiently explain “I order what I need made and brought over.” Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

Mr. Opinionated though has to butt into the conversation and point out that sometimes people take my groceries. No amount of arguing with him can convince him of two very critical points: 1 – I know they take my groceries. They do every month. That’s the reason of HAVING THEM. and 2 – I plan for how many groceries I need including a few extras in case someone needs some in an emergency. That’s why we work for a charity.

His job has nothing to do with my groceries by the way.

Second example – we have an intern in our office. She’s getting married in a month or so, and she’s a little baby crazy. She’s already planning when she’d like to get pregnant, and what the nursery would look like. Mr. Opinionated told her that she’ll want to stay home with the baby. That she needs to stay home with the baby for at least a year. (Okay, that might be good for some people, but others HAVE to work. Others WANT to work. It’s totally the choice of the family.)

She disagreed, saying that she plans to go back to work, that her mother-in-law to be runs a daycare, and they planned to leave the children there during the day (mind you this is like 5 years in the future anyway). He argued back, no, you need to stay home with the baby for a year. You’ll stay home. Blah blah blah. Can you tell he’s an older gentleman? A bit set in his ways?

Third example – we’re sending Christmas presents to all of our clients. They were donated by one amazing organization, and a few church groups. To all you in Houston that gave, thanks! I’m sending a lot of these to clients today, and a lot more to clients on Saturday. The other coordinators are sending them to THEIR clients. Mr. Opinionated is sure that I missed some presents that are marked for my clients today. No amount of explanation can convince him that not only did I get all of those presents yesterday, but I had the director check for more.

He’s so sure there are gifts back there still. I told him to go find them and let me know where they are. Oh, but he’s so busy he has to get his work done! He can’t manage to do that right now. Pshaw, yeah. Then those mysterious gifts will just have to wait, won’t they?

I wish I could tune him out, but his desk is literally on the other side of one of my office walls – the one next to the door. And his voice carries.

I’m not the only one that gets annoyed with him. It’s totally not my place to tell him to stop. Not that I think he would even if he was confronted about it. I just wish I didn’t have to hear it all the time. Every time he starts arguing with someone, I feel an urge to bash a head into a wall – either his or my own.

For Christmas I’m getting an iPod dock so I can play my music in my office without using headphones (which my boss makes fun of). Maybe music can drown him out.


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