Posted by: krittikae | December 29, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I’m addicted to Sims.

I micro-manage their lives in a way that is satisfying to my control-freak personality. I can make them as lazy as I want, or cause them to lead full, enriched lives. I can cheat and get them lots of money.

A million years ago, I had The Sims. No numbers, I’m talking the original. My loving parents had gotten me a couple of the hundreds of expansion packs, which was awesome!

Then Sims 2 came out. Oh, how I pined. I yearned. My computer TOTALLY wouldn’t run it. It needed way more advanced insides.

Sims 3. My guilty pleasure. I looked at you every time I was at Walmart. I thought about the times we could spend, getting to know one another. But, like all addictions, I knew I was ultimately safer without you. I resisted. I told myself it was for the best.

So guess what my dear husband buys me for Christmas? Yep, Sims 3.

I don’t sleep much now.

I play it for a few hours every evening, by which I mean that 2am rolls around before you know it. I recently discovered that you can prematurely age your Sims if you just have them blow out the candles on their birthday cakes. Having done so, I skipped one kid’s entire adolescence, and made the oldest become an adult, get married, and move the heck out. There were just TOO MANY kids. But hey, that’s what my Sims wanted.

I’m totally the OVERLORD of my little world. I tell them all when to sleep and what to do when they wake. My Sims are overachieving little buggers.

Paul’s starting to realize his mistake. And I haven’t even busted into the expansion pack he also got me!

P.S. Incidentally, I got him good gifts this year too. I got him a brand new George with the removable grill plates so we can dishwasher it if we want. SO much easier to clean. I also got him a stuffed Frosty from Build-a-Bear because that was always his favorite. Such a sweetie!


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