Posted by: krittikae | January 4, 2010

Life Saver Story Books

Every year since the dawn of time, my Dad has gotten us Life Saver Story Books at Christmas. I’m pretty sure a few of those years, Mom picked them up, but still, they were always from Dad. Even as my sisters and I have grown older and moved farther, we still get them every year.

This year, I moved 1400 miles from home, but I still got a package the week before Christmas that had my Life Saver Story Book in it.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Life Saver Company. The book used to be two sides full of Life Savery goodness. You’d get 2 rolls of 5 flavor, 2 of wild cherry, 2 of butter-rum (my fave!), and 2 of the silly tropical fruit one that I’d always pawn off on a friend.

This year, it was 1 side, although it was still 6 rolls. But no Butter-rum! Those were like crack to my sisters and I. Now I have to go to the store and try to find some. Do they even still sell Life Savers? If they do, I bet they’re like a buck a roll. Darn inflation.



  1. I got mine, too! I told Mom that if she survived Dad, she’d have to still mail them to us, because it will be heartbreaking the day we don’t get our Lifesavers.

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