Posted by: krittikae | January 27, 2010

Too Many Pumpkins, Not Enough Time

I’m addicted to Facebook. Did I mention that?

I have tried nearly every game out there – although to my credit, I stop playing when I stop enjoying it.

That being said, I currently play Mafia Wars, Restaurant City, Ponzi Inc., and Farmville. Oh, and Brain Bone so I can feel stupid by not knowing random trivia about an island off of New Zealand. Awesome.

Ponzi is my newest, and for a while there, I was on it obsessively, every 20 minutes or so in the afternoons. (Hey, I’m off work at 3pm!) I thought I was doing really well since I’m at a high enough level that the jobs are each taking several hours. I only check it a couple times a day now. I had gotten to a place in Farmville and Mafia Wars that I would only have to play once daily, right when I got home from work.

I call it Mafia Maintenance and Farmville Chores.

But then they go and put out an expansion. Like Bangkok finally got released for Mafia Wars. Well, I still only check that about once a day. But Farmville decides to put out special “Super Pumpkins” and make the darn things master-able for only a week. I. MUST. MASTER. THEM.

So today I got up early, and I’m planning my lunch around when they’ll be ready to harvest and replant. If only I can talk my husband into harvesting them while I sleep…



  1. yeah, I am spending WAAyyy too much time on Garden World, too.

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