Posted by: krittikae | February 4, 2010

I control the masses.

You know the Facebook status update craze that’s been going on? First there was the bra color – then pictures of you when you were young, pictures of you with siblings, and the doppelgänger week.

I want to see if I can start one.

I’m going to post a status update that looks like all of those – but it will ask you to post a picture of one of your favorite childhood cartoons. I’m going to look for a picture of Jem and the Holograms. I know several of my friends will start to pass it on.

These crazes have been in papers, and reported on at length. The funny thing is that no one ever knows WHO starts them. Well, not so this time, Facebook friends.

Here is proof. I’m going to post this blog for at least an hour before I change my Facebook status. Once I start seeing people with 80s cartoons for pictures, I’ll link this blog to my Facebook site. There you go, totally verifiable. It’s currently 9:38am CST on 2/4/10.

I hope it works!


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