Posted by: krittikae | February 13, 2010

True Love Is….

What is true love?

True love is a husband that offers to put away the laundry. True love is a wife that doesn’t ask him to redo it when she finds all the towels are vertical in the linen closet.

True love is buying your spouse a video game you know they want, even though you know you won’t see them for the next few months because they can’t stop playing it.

True love is not laughing out loud when your spouse is having a bad hair day and even calling her pretty in spite of it. True love is intentionally leaving your hair in “bed-head mode” because inexplicably, your spouse loves it that way.

True love is a last-minute trip to Wal-mart because your spouse is feeling crafty.

True love is a neck rub when you’re tired and just want to sleep.

True love is a wife watching wrestling with her husband and *TRYING* not to make fun of it.

True love is a husband who doesn’t pick on his wife when he comes home and finds her watching Disney Channel, um, everyday. When they don’t have kids.

True love is sharing your last peanut butter cup.

True love is knowing that your life has changed since you met this person, and that you would never wish it to change back.

True love is not being able to imagine your life without someone.

True love is forever.

I love you Paul. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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