Posted by: krittikae | March 4, 2010

The Rodeo Came, Just for Me

When we first decided to move to Texas, I said to myself, Now I have to go to a rodeo.

That teasing thought became an actual desire to go to a rodeo during the past 9 months (since we moved here). When Rodeo Season finally rolled around, Paul and I found that an entertainer we’d actually like to see was performing on my birthday, March 3.

AND March 3 is “Value Wednesday” so our tickets were only $10.

It was like they did it just for me! Cheap tickets, good entertainment, and all on my birthday?!?

I walked in thinking it was going to be like a big county fair. But I was wrong. So very wrong.

It was like the biggest, coolest, most insane county fair you’ve ever been to in your life, plus chicken fried bacon. (For real, Paul ate it.)

Here are just a few of the (over 100) pictures I took.

It was GREAT! I hope we go back next year!


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