Posted by: krittikae | March 11, 2010

Tow Truck Drivers: Faster than Ambulence Chasers

Anyone who has ever been in a wreck knows that it takes quite a while for a cop to show up, and even longer for a tow truck.

Shortly after we moved to Houston TX, a drunk careless person stupidly accidentally crashed into the gate of our apartment complex. And then took off. Civic minded people that we are, Paul and I took down the license number, tried to see a description, and called the cops.

Sidebar: 9 months, and 5 gate crashes later, we’ve learned that no one cares about it. Not the cops, and certainly not our lazy apartment complex managers who yelled at the security guard the time HE called the cops when HE GOT HIT by a car while it was breaking the gate.

Anywho, one disinterested cop arrived, along with about 7 tow trucks. It turns out, tow companies are INCREDIBLY competitive in Houston. They don’t wait for you to call them. They all stalk the police scanner for anything that sounds like a car accident. Then they line the streets like giant homeless tow trucks, looking for a handout.

I took this as an interesting quality and didn’t really think much about it until the other day. I was driving home from work only to see a tow truck a few cars ahead of me. He cut off not 1, not 2, but 3 drivers, almost causing 3 major accidents in the heavy traffic. When I mean cutting them off, I don’t mean it was close. I mean if the driver had looked out his window, he would have been able to see the driver in the minivan he was trying to cut off. If the other drivers hadn’t slammed on their breaks and swerved, they would have been in an accident. Ironically, they would have needed to call a tow truck.

I have since decided that the tow truck business in Houston must be SO competitive, that they are encouraged to drive like idiots in order to create more business for themselves.


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