Posted by: krittikae | March 13, 2010

Where to Eat in NW Houston

Paul and I went grocery shopping this evening, and on the 1o minute drive back home, passed every conceivable fast food restaurant. It got me thinking of some of this week’s highlights.

It sounded good to all of us.

After a night of almost no sleep, I decided an afternoon nap was in order. We were going to visit some friends, Sean and Maria, later that evening, and I knew it would turn into a late night. I woke up to my husband whispering “Subliminal Panda” over and over. Needless to say, it was pretty easy to figure out he was hungry for Chinese food.

After pulling into the nearby Panda Express, we walked in to find another set of friends, Jonathan and Tine, already enjoying the Orange Chicken. We ordered our food and joined them, both astounded at the completely unplanned meeting.

After finishing up, we headed over to our friends’ apartment a mile away only to find out they ALSO had Panda Express, not long before we were all there.

Fun with Signs

Some restaurants are too lazy to fix their signage. It makes for some interesting reads on the ride home. These two signs happen to be in the same mile long stretch of FM 1960 in NW Houston. Both signs have read this way for MONTHS.

Top Contenders for the Laugh Out Loud prize:

nalds – A McDonald’s. Probably the crappiest service in the entire world, but it’s also the closest to our apartment. Paul wants to buy a slingshot and take out the “L”.

Woods Ho – Woodlands House, a Chinese Buffet. Nevermind that we’re at least 10 miles South of The Woodlands (for those of you who don’t live in NW Houston, The Woodlands is a “community” just North of Spring TX. It’s actually got a pretty nice mall, and some good restaurants. Anyway, this sign has been out since we moved here last May.

Super Fast Food

Houston seems to be the king of cross-branding franchised restaurants. I know that these companies are all inter-related somehow, but it’s still always funny to see together. Pick a direction in Houston and drive for 5 miles. I guarantee you’ll pass at least one hybrid.

Paul has decided to name these restaurants “Kentucky Silver Taco Hut &W Street” because they are most often some combination of the above. Tonight, we had dinner at a Silver Taco (Long John Silver’s and Taco Bell). Last weekend, it was a Kentucky Silver (KFC and Long John Silver’s). Some other combinations near our home: Taco Hut (Taco Bell and Pizza Hut), Kentucky &W (KFC and A&Ws), and Pizza Street (Pizza Hut and Wing Street).

The REAL trick is to figure out which brand a particular restaurant is better at, and order that food. Last weekend’s Kentucky Silver, Long John Silver’s was the clear winner. At tonight’s Silver Taco, Taco Bell won, but neither was stellar. Or, you know, as stellar as this food is likely to get.


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