Posted by: krittikae | March 19, 2010

On a Pilgrimage to the Doughy Place

Paul decided this week that he wanted to go on a road trip. I am more of a homebody, so he needed a crowbar or divine intervention to get me to go with him. He settled for asking my friend, Maria, to come with us.

Well how can I say no to BOTH of them?

Husband decided to go to Dallas TX, which is a pretty solid 4 hour drive away from our cozy little place in Northwest Houston. Not a terrible drive, yet guaranteed to be an all day trip. Plus we had Maria’s precious little 4 month old with us. You’d think a baby wouldn’t like a 16 hour day trip, but he’s a champ.

First stop was TOTALLY for me, because Husband loves me. Corsicana TX – the Russell Stover’s Factory and Store.

Can I just say? AWESOME!

I was in complete control. I managed to leave with only 1 box of my favorite chocolate (Roman Nougat), along with 2 small hollow bunnies and marshmallow eggs (for Easter). I also got a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. That’s it. I’m so proud of myself.

Next stop. Waaaaaaaaay on the other side of Dallas from us, Denton TX. We had to stop by some guy’s house in order to drop off two hard drives full of information from The Rock-A-Thon. He’s a judge for Twin Galaxies (Guinness Book of Records – Gamer Edition). We’re hoping to be included in the next book.

After stopping for lunch, we went to the Dallas TX temple. As we drove up, I realized it’s the same style as the Chicago temple (the first I went to when I was 12 – it was the closest to NW Ohio at the time). We took lots of pictures and just enjoyed being on the grounds. Too bad we didn’t have time for a session. Or, you know, our temple clothes. (Paul cleaned out his trunk.)


Last stop of the day: AKA The Real Reason for the Trip


Marco’s Corporate HQ is in Toledo OH (Where we are from.) Marco’s is a mainstay in NW Ohio – for Pete’s sake, they even have one in Bryan OH where I was born (population 8000). Marco’s is Paul’s absolute favorite pizza. We both also enjoy their cheezybread. It’s totally yummy. Everyone check for a Marco’s near you, and order one for us. 😉

So anyway, Paul enters the Marco like he’s meeting a long lost sibling at the airport. We ordered our favorites, and patiently waited until our food was piping hot and perfect. We just didn’t think about how we were going to eat it. We ended up using the trunk as a table and just standing around outside.

It was worth it.


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