Posted by: krittikae | March 25, 2010

I refuse to wear a Muu-muu.

I can’t find a cute skirt.

I’ve been looking at ALL of the big-gal stores. For some reason, people seem to think we like to wear skirts and dresses that are shorter than knee-length. If you’re a big girl, you know that mid-calf is a flattering place to end the skirt.

All the skirts that ARE slightly longer are black. I want a new skirt that is floral. Pastel perhaps. You know, Easter-y. Remember the days when you got a new dress every Easter? It was usually pale yellow or pink, with flowers, or a matching hat, or gloves, or something. I miss those days.

This week, I have been to Catherine’s, Lane Bryant, Walmart, and Fashion Bug (via the website). No one has a cute skirt. The only patterned skirts I have found are hideous designs that look like the housecoats or muu-muus I remember my Mother wearing about 20 years ago. Sidenote: Mom doesn’t wear anything remotely similar to these anymore. She’s actually pretty cute for a grandmother. 

Does anyone actually buy these? I would not be smiling if I was one of those models. All I want is a reasonably priced skirt, that will cover my knees when I sit, with some gosh darn flowers on them. Is that too much to ask?


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