Posted by: krittikae | May 5, 2010

Volunteers, Tutors, and In-Laws

Life has been busy lately. At work, I have been swarmed over the last few weeks with trying to find enough volunteers for our program to run. It takes approximately 150 volunteers each week. I’m responsible for finding about 100 of those. A large portion of that is people who volunteer once a month, once a week, or (my favorite), the ones that come in several times a week. Things would NOT happen without these people, that’s for sure. But we need this group to be even larger. It’s entirely too stressful to look at my calendar coming up and know that I have 8 openings next week, and even more the week after. And that’s AFTER all these regular drivers. Okay, 8 might not sound like a lot when I just said I schedule 100 drivers each week, but trust me, it is. And it’s frustrating.

I came to work today to find 2 drivers cancelled for today, and only 1 of the routes got covered. Thankfully, the other driver called back to say she’d be here after all, but that doesn’t usually happen. If a driver doesn’t show up last minute, one of the staff has to drive. And the routes take about 2 hours. Considering I have a 6 hour workday, that makes me pretty pressed for time.

And time is short! I’ve been tutoring a 6th grader in math. He’s a sweet kid, who tries really hard. He’d been getting Ds and Fs in Math, and not much better in some of his other subjects. We’ve been working together for about a month now. He’s getting more of his work right on his homework before I check it, and just last week, he got a 90% on his math test!! That was after corrections, but still, 90%!! I’m so proud of the kid.

During yesterday’s session though, his homework was on Combinations and Permutations. Permu-what now? Thank god I looked ahead in his workbook, because I didn’t even recognize that word! Turns out I should have looked closer at his workbook, because even after my last minute studying revealed that permutations are just ordered combinations (like a combination lock), I still couldn’t solve his homework problems myself. So we tried our best, and he’s supposed to bring his book home today. When did 6th grade math get so complex? Next up for the kid is Surveys, Samples, and Deviations – the same stuff I did in my college Stats course. He’s 12! Why does he need to know at 12 years old how to do a survey?

I’ll tutor twice more, and then this Friday starts my vacation. My in-laws are coming in for the weekend, and we’re super excited! I know, that sounds weird, considering most people don’t like their in-laws, but mine are actually great! And not just because my mother-in-law is taking me on a shopping spree that I suspect my husband was supposed to keep a surprise. They’re genuinely good people, and they both really love me. It’s the most family that I can get right now, considering that my parents are stuck in Ohio until my Mom gets better, and that Paul and I can’t afford plane tickets quite yet. (Although that tutoring gig is total bank. That may change soon.)

I’m also excited for all the things we’re going to do this weekend. We usually stay at home, or spend our time playing Catan with our friends. This weekend though, we’re going to dinner every night, to the beach, the movies, the malls, and hopefully to at least 1 museum. Although my mother in law wants to go see Little House on the Prairie the Musical. Umm………


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