Posted by: krittikae | June 10, 2010

Sometimes life is like being picked last for kickball.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like nothing goes right? Sometimes I wonder if I’m either A) Not cool enough for my job or B) WAAAAY TOO cool.

There’s someone in our office who works on the 2nd floor. I don’t often have contact with her, but when I do, I just shake my head with annoyance. She’s one of those people that makes you feel insignificant, even though a couple months ago, she was just the receptionist. It’s not like she’s the CEO or anything. The CEO has a right to make others feel intimidated.

This person happens to be in charge of supplies. So she came down to record how many copies we used last month with our copier. She didn’t TELL me that’s what she was here to do, just that she wanted my copy code. Well, the point of the copy code is so each department gets charged for what they use. Was I wrong to not give it to her? As soon as another coworker walked in my department, she willingly told her the reason she needed it. The coworker wasn’t even the boss of the department, and SHE gets full disclosure?

Yesterday, my boss and that same coworker were both in a meeting all morning, leaving me alone in my department. The upstairs worker came down, and when she didn’t see my coworker, paged her over the intercom. I leaned out of my office, and said “She’s in a meeting.” The worker immediately started looking for my boss instead.

And today, a group of new volunteers was taking a tour. Our community manager introduced me as “being in charge of finding volunteers” which is about 20% of my job, and only my job at all because of layoffs this winter.

I may be third on the totem pole, which is admittedly, very short, but when Grace and Karrie are out of the office, I run the show. I’m in charge of every supplemental program, as well as about a million weekly and monthly reports. I’m also the go-to girl with every technical problem and anything creative that needs to be designed in our department.

So why is it that I keep getting relegated to a place that’s barely above our unpaid intern?


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