Posted by: krittikae | July 16, 2010

A new adventure, a new chapter.

When Paul and I were about to get married, all of life’s little frustrations were an adventure. That led to our motto, which we would use to reassure each other. “Paul and Kristi take on the world.” It means that no matter what life throws at us, we’ll be there for each other, to love and support each other. It doesn’t mean we do it alone. We have our friends, family, and God, who have all been amazing at supporting our decisions, our mistakes, and our craziness for the past 2 years (as a couple – the past 29 years as individuals. Let’s face it, we were always crazy.)

A little over a year ago, knowing that Paul’s temp job was almost over, and needing more security, we accepted a job offer in Houston TX, about 1400 miles from 99.5% of our friends and family. It was scary, but SO worth it.

A few months ago, Paul was unhappy at his job (the one we moved for) and began looking for his dream job. He thought he found it at a radio station downtown. The radio station provided some glitz and glamour to my entertainment-loving husband.

It also provided wicked early hours that meant Paul spent his afternoons or evenings sleeping rather than us spending waking time together. Due to my insomnia, sometimes I was just going to bed around the same time he was waking up for work. It was lonely, but I was determined not to let it show.

A week ago, Paul was let go after just a few months there. It turns out, the great boss that hired him was promoted very shortly after Paul started, leaving his new boss as the news director that didn’t get along with him. Paul has one of those personalities that you either get or you don’t. If you don’t understand him, you probably wouldn’t like him. Good thing I understand Paul completely. Needless to say, the director didn’t get him at all.

Now it’s time for another adventure. Another chapter. Is it scary? Yes. Am I worried? Constantly, but that’s another post. Do I love my husband more than ever? Absolutely. I worry that setbacks like this will hurt and frustrate Paul. I worry that he might not find his dream job. But more than anything, I trust in him and in God and I know that between the two of them, they can cook up some pretty amazing miracles. No matter what happens, it’s always Paul and Kristi. And together, we can take on the world.



  1. Awesome post, Kristi. I am so glad you have the perfect person to “take on the world” with! You guys will find something soon, and if it happens to take you to Utah, all the better! Love you guys!!!

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