Posted by: krittikae | August 19, 2010

I likes me some trivia.

I’m a trivia nut. I used to look things up in my parents’ old encyclopedia, from 1976. Wikipedia is my best friend now. If I’m in the mood to find out something new, I just search it’s venerated hyperlinks.

Some of my more interesting researches provide me with countless useless facts which I can then impress friends and neighbors with. For example, Belize is the only Central or South American country to have English as the official language. Or, Christian IX of Denmark was known as the Father-in-law of Europe because his children all married into other royal families, and most of the current European monarchs are related to him.


Some things bug me, like when the internets don’t tell me the right answer. I go searching, and always find it, but still. Today’s search was about time zones. I wanted to find out which was the least populated, which was the most populated. Don’t ask why. I think I had a dream about time zones or something.

Yahoo Answers had a question perfectly geared to this search, but it was incorrect. Both the asker and the answerer had put “GMT -2, It doesn’t cover any body of land, not even Greenland. And the population density of the mid-atlantic is basically 0.”

While good in theory, I didn’t buy that as an answer. So my good friend Wikipedia was used to find the real answer. GMT -2 does indeed cover a few islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, as well as Fernando de Noronha, making the population of this time zone a little over 3000 people. Small, yes, but not 0.

The real answer is UTC-12. It’s the Pacific Ocean, to the right of the international date line. “No human habitations are in this time zone. Uninhabited Baker Island and Howland Island are the only landmasses in this time zone.” That makes this time zone the real 0 population. Not just a guess.


Either way, I’m really good at Trivial Pursuit.


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