Posted by: krittikae | August 31, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend, A Few Months Late

If ever you have thought that I’m not lazy, this post will prove you wrong. It’s a post about Mother’s Day weekend. That’s in May, but at least it’s THIS Mother’s Day, not, say, last year’s.

Mainly, I wanted to add pictures to the post, and I was too lazy to pull my camera out of my purse. And so I dawdled.

Also, my keyboard is not typing the letter “f”. What does THAT mean?


And so, an eventful Mother’s Day weekend is in the record books. Why was it eventful, you ask? Because my in-laws were in town. What did we do, you ask? Everything.


The in-laws fly in, and we take them out to dinner with a couple of our friends. Then we take most of those people out to see Iron Man 2.


I work, and (due to 2 volunteers not showing up) drive a route with the in-laws. They just stayed in the car and argued with my husband about whose GPS to use. Then we drove down to Galveston to hit the Gulf Beach. The beach was beautiful, and, except for some more arguing about GPS, we had a great time.


Church, and then dinner and trying to teach the in-laws how to play Catan. That was… an adventure. Catan is a board game of strategy. Basically, you set it up randomly and then spend the rest of the game trying to trade for things you need while trying to prevent everyone else from getting what THEY need.

The in-laws tried, but it’s a confusing game when you’re playing for the first time.


Houston Museum of Natural Science and Galleria Mall

This day was the most sight-see-ish of all. We started at a deli near the Galleria Mall, Kenny & Ziggy’s. It’s a pretty authentic New York deli, which was featured once on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the Food Network. My in-laws love Guy Ferrari, or however you spell it. My mother in law thinks he looks like Paul did, in his teenage “let’s all dye our hair blonde” phase.

Then off to the museum, where we saw EVERYTHING. They had an awesome Hubble 3-D IMAX, a magic exhibit, and a butterfly house, which was like a little slice of rainforest that we could walk through. Amazing!

Then to the mall for some general walking around and a beautiful new bracelet for me. My mother in law loves Brighton, so she started a pretty charm bracelet for me.


A late morning, then running errands and taking the in-laws back to the airport. Have a safe flight!


MAN! You don’t realize how many times you type “f” until you have to do Ctrl-V in order to paste one in.


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