Posted by: krittikae | September 27, 2010

San Antonio: A Mini-Moon

Paul and I had some unexpected free time around our anniversary, so we decided to take a short trip over to San Antonio. We’d each been there before, but never together. Plus, I had apparently walked a block from the Alamo and never saw it.

We got ready to leave Tuesday morning, and Paul, planner that he is, decided to check out the weather before we left. Surprise! There was a tropical storm headed for, you guessed it, San Antonio.

Ironically, the worst rain we drove through was as we were leaving Houston. The rain bands were much heavier than the eye of the storm, which was hitting San Antonio directly.

Our hotel was lovely. Right downtown. We had a beautiful suite on the 14th floor, and from our terrace, we could see all of downtown.


We were surveilled in case we were bank robbers because I excitedly took pictures of the vault in the basement of our hotel. Because it was A REAL VAULT. Like in the movies!

We walked around and saw everything.

I remembered to go to the Alamo.

Paul used his hypnotism to get the information guy to give us his ducky pin for free.

We had a lovely dinner and returned to the hotel just in time for the storms to hit again.

 We watched the lightning and clouds from our terrace.

The next day, we went to the San Antonio temple to do a sealing session, which is our tradition.


It was a perfect mini vacation.


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