Posted by: krittikae | October 8, 2010

Distractions are so distracting!

I’m currently distracted by my pant leg. I’m wearing new jeans, very cute in my opinion. Trouble is, they only had one pair left in my size – and they were Short. As in: Tall, Average, Short. Well, I’m tall. I held it up to myself and everything and they looked normal. Now that I’m wearing them, they come down to about the middle of my ankle. Does that count as high-waters? Are they in fashion? Or should I just sew a large cuff into them and call them capris? I bet they’d be cute either way.


I’m feeling in the mood to cook. My husband is not an adventurous eater, so we generally have the same things every week. But today, I feel like cooking something different, like one of the dishes my Mom used to make. Nothing gourmet, but like a lasagna. Or pot roast. The trouble is, I can’t make a single serving of that. The only way I know how to make lasagna or pot roast is to feed a 3rd world nation.


I’ve been strapped for volunteers lately. I need a few more for next week, but it seems that every time I call someone, I have 2 more call off. I’m kind of scared to keep trying. But I need them for Monday, so the procrastination must end soon.


I just talked to one of my volunteers about the weather. We’re currently in the glory days of Southern Texas, where the morning are cool and crisp, and by lunchtime we’re up around 80. It’s a pleasant, balmy 80 though. We usually have a nice breeze and a lot of sunshine. The oppressive humidity and storms of summer seem to be behind us. I’m still wearing T-shirts and capris to work. My boss, who has never lived anywhere else, has already started wearing sweaters to work.


I saw a Facebook post today which talked about when people got together with their significant others. I could be wrong on the exact date, but here goes. First contact, early March 2008. First conversation when we realized we had met briefly 3 years earlier, late April 2008. First time calling him my boyfriend, April 27, 2008. Engaged by May 7, 2008. Married on September 6, 2008.

It all started because earlier that winter, my wonderful big sister, Beth, yelled at me on the phone until I cried. For real, she did. Mainly, she was trying to knock some sense into me that my life had stalled. I was working, living with a couple of friends, doing the same things every week. I hadn’t really dated since early in college, when I decided to no longer date anyone who wasn’t from my church. It ended up being more like I had decided to not date anyone, period. I was subsisting, not really living.

After her brutal, but loving, intervention, I secretly joined 2 dating sites. LDS Link Up (which isn’t really a dating site, but you could ‘meet people’.) and LDS Mingle. It was on LDS Mingle that Paul found me. Mingle had a feature where you could “Like” someone, and then they’d choose from a group of profiles. If they “Like”d you back, Mingle would send you both a notice. Paul liked me first.

Being cheap, I didn’t want to pay for the service. So I made my biography sneakily, saying that my screen name at the mail that’s hot could find me. Luckily, Paul likes to solve riddles, and eventually found me. Of course that’s AFTER I had been impatient and paid for a month’s subscription, trying to get him to message me.


Someone just tried to use the paging system, but I don’t think they meant to. I could hear children crying in the background, and just a lot of buttons being pressed. I think the preschool upstairs might have temporarily lost control of the kids.


Is it any wonder that I’ve been distracted today?


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