Posted by: krittikae | January 27, 2011

No More Doritos or Vacation Days

I haven’t felt creative lately. The past few months have been crazy. Emergency flights back home for Mom’s memorial service. Surprise flights to Salt Lake City to spend Christmas with my Dad and sisters – which I can never thank them enough for. I’ve spent a lot of time with friends. I’ve missed my mom every single day.

January has been crazy, because everyone in my office has to squeeze in their remaining vacation days. I’ve had 3 day work weeks, and at one point, I took 6 vacation days in a row. All this time at home has helped me realize a few things.

#1 – I am inherently lazy. Very lazy. Most of my vacation days, I’ve slept in til about noon. I’ve stayed in my pajamas, unless forced to go out. I’ve only cleaned as much as I absolutely had to, and today, I didn’t fold any of the laundry that I promised myself I would. Instead, I played on Facebook, and watched miscellaneous shows off the DVR.

#2 – I really do need human interaction. The first few days off were a welcome relief, as I had conveniently fallen quite sick. I never take sick days if I can help it, so otherwise, I would have been at work with my fever, sore throat, and general miserableness. I’ve realized now that where a few days off are great, this many drive me a bit batty. My craziness falls squarely on the shoulders of my poor husband.

#3 – Nutrition suffers. I can’t tell you how many meals I’ve missed lately. I’m sleeping until 12pm, so breakfast is out the window. I’m not usually hungry when I first wake up, so I drag my heels on eating lunch. What with the aforementioned Facebook and DVR, I tend to get distracted. Then I either eat lunch around 4pm, or convince myself that dinner is coming shortly. If I eat lunch that late, I usually end up skipping dinner. Sometimes I snack instead. That’s why I’m not allowed to have Doritos anymore. Why does less eating never translate into weight loss?

This doesn’t mean I’ve done NOTHING lately. I’ve babysat for a friend, I’ve had the missionaries over for dinner, I’ve grocery shopped, cooked, and even scrubbed my bathtub. But I really value a sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel like I can do anything. I like lists, and I like completing tasks. It’s just that nothing I’ve done lately has given me that sense of achievement. Poor Paul. He’s had to deal with a cranky wife lately.

All this combines to make me glad that I go back to work tomorrow. I’ll actually have at least 2 meals, lunch and dinner, and feel a sense of accomplishment outside my home. I’ll have to wear nice clothes instead of an old shirt and PJ pants. I’ll sleep normal (kind of) hours again. I’m sure my husband will appreciate having his usual wife back.


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