Posted by: krittikae | February 2, 2011

Snow-pocalypse 2011

It’s like 20 degrees in Houston today. While the midwest/east coast is probably already buried under a truckload of snow, we have absolutely no precipitation yet here. But it’s cold. Honest to goodness, even the girl from Ohio is cold. I wore a fleece today. No coat, but I did add gloves.

Naturally that means that people who were born and raised here can’t function. My boss arrived in a heavy wool coat, shivering. There’s also rolling blackouts today all over Houston. We think it’s mostly due to the crazy high winds we’ve been having for 2 days now. At the moment, we have power through the building’s generator. No idea how the rest of Houston is faring, but I had a call from one of my volunteers today. He’s got no power at home, so he isn’t coming in to drive.

That doesn’t make much sense to me. If you’re stuck at home, no lights, no TV, no microwave pizzas, I’d be running for the nearest exit.

We’re making contingency plans at the office to hopefully cover the next few days, what with the power being a very iffy proposition. We’ve got 450 clients that wouldn’t eat without what we bring them, so we’re trying to get our hands on some non-perishables for them.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have plenty of volunteers, plenty of food, and that everyone can stay warm with the power off. Stay toasty everyone!


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