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Mom’s Journal part 1

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author. I type it as I see it.*

10 Aug 1981 to 9 Jan 1983 (written inside the cover)

Favorite Quotes:

No program is worthwhile unless it builds men of character, faith, honor, integrity, strength, testimony. Ezra Taft Benson

It does not matterhow many talents we have; what matters is how we use them. Paul H. Dunn

God gives to man the challenge of raw materials, not the ease of finished things. He leaves the pictures unpainted and the music unsung, and the problems unsolvedthat man might know the joys and glories of creation. Thomas S. Monson

Our greatest responsibility is to develop the gifts and talents with which we are endowed – not only for service in this world, but also for the eternities that are to follow. L Grand Richards

10 Aug 1981

This is the start of my journal. The prophet has told us to keep a journal for our posterity so I’m going to do it. I’ve started several times but this time I’m determined to make it.

My name is Sharon Kae (Good) Stephenson. I was born to Edwin Mitchell Good and Patricia Ann Keller Good. The first home I lived it was an upstairs apartment in Bettsville, Ohio. There was a shallow creek in front of the house and my father used to put on his hip boots, wade the water, leave his boots on the other side and walk to work. The apartment downstairs had one room in the far front of the house – filled wiht parakeets. I think there were about 300 of them in cages all over the room – floor to ceiling. I’m not sure how long we lived in this house, not long I don’t think. The next house we lived in was in the country outside of Kansas, Ohio. It was situated on a curve. I remember where the rooms were in this house. My younger brother Ed Jr. was born while we lived here. We moved again to a fairly large farmhouse on St. Rt. 635 to the west and north of Burgoon, Ohio, almost due north of Kansas. In this house, both my youngery brother Jeffrey Lynn and my sister Leila Kay were born. We lived here until I was in the 8th grade. I remember this house had an old coal furnace. I can remember standing on the floor register to get dressed in the mornings in the winter. The register was in the corner of the kitchen. I remember playing in the basement with a ruler in my mouth. I fell & took a chunk out of the roof of my mouth. (I still have a hole!) I also remember another time when my parents went away & weren’t home when I got home from school. I waited for a while but then got scared because I couldn’t get in the house. The only place unlocked was the coal bin door. I opened it, slid down the coal pile, went upstairs, and crawled in my parents bed. I guess I needed the security. It seemed like forever until they got home but I guess it wasn’t much more than 45 minutes. I’m told when we moved to this house, there was an outhouse that had been torn down but not cleaned up. My brother Ed & I played in the nice “mud”. I guess my mom threw all our clothes, shoes included, in the washer and us in the tub. I had a room of my own & remember lots of fun times here. Like riding the neighbor man’s horse, learning to ride my bike, a bat in the back porch, etc. We moved to a large 4 bedroom house in Burgoon, 3 houses down the street from the church we attended. There were 3 bedrooms, a small junk room, and a bathroom upstairs. Downstairs there were 2 living rooms, dining room, 1 bedroom, kitchen, half bathroom, utility room and fruit pantry. I lived here until I was thru high school. My parents always tried to give me everything they could. I’m sure they did without themselves, to give us kids the things we needed. I met Edward Eugene Stephenson in March 1964. We both took chemistry and my lab partner (Mickey Cunningham) was gone one day. I had this terrible proglem lighting my bunsen burners, I’d either singe my bangs & eyebrows, or the sleeve of my mohair sweater, or the ceiling. I asked Ed to light it for me because he sat on the other side of Mickey. He started walking me to classes and we found out we were in a lot of the same classes. One week later we got our class rings and promptly traded rings. We were “going steady.” We dated until we were married on July 3, 1965. Rev. Gerald Bill, pastor of the Burgoon United Methodist church, married us. We bought a small house in Wayne, Ohio. It had a tiny living room & dining room, 2 bedrooms and a fair sized kitchen. There was no hot water and no bathroom – only an outhouse out back. We were blessed with the birth of our first daughter, Andrea Jean, on February 11, 1967. We enjoyed parenthood very much. We lived in this house for 5 years before we added on & renovated.

11 Aug. 1981

Andi was a very smart child. She loved to read books and we would sit for hours reading stories. At age 2 1/2 she could read newspaper headlines. We’d play cards and other kinds of games – like board games. The Sept. after she was 5 she started kindergarten. She had a wonderful teacher (Mrs. Wright) who realized that Andi was way beyond the rest of the class so in October she started going to 2nd grade for reading. On March she changed to first grade for the second half of the year. Andi adjusted well to this change. She did very well thru grade school and junior high. Freshman year she got average grades, was in flag corps in the band, played flute in concert band. She’s maturing rapidly – no longer a little girl. She & I have had our problems but I love her more than I can say. On Apr 2, 1970 our second daughter, Jennifer Sue, was born. She was totally different from Andi – quiet, petite, and industrious. She is still thin today and vows never to get fat. She is also my good worker, always cleaning and straightening up. She has always gotten A’s & B’s. Last year in school, Jenny was involved in Student council as the Secretary. She was also chosen to be in the pilot program for Gifted & Talented children. She really enjoyed all her activities and was very popular. I fully expect her to be a cheerleader, prom queen or homecoming queen. She is that kind of person.

We joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Nov. 8, 1972.It was the best thing that happened to me. We were soon given callings. My first calling was Primary chorister. Since then I’ve been Sunday School chorister, CTR teacher, Merris Miss teacher, Sunday School secretary, Jr. Sunday School Coordinator, Primary President, Ward Librarian, Stake Primary Secretary, Stake Primary 2nd Counselor. I’ve also substituted as a teacher in Primary, Sunday School, and Young Women.

We took a trip out west with Sister Verna Rickerd to be sealed in the Provo temple. We were sealed June 25, 1974. When we got into Provo, Helen & Jude (the sister missionaries who taught us the gospel) took us up to see the temple. We saw this young man (Jim Gwyn) riding his bike by thetemple. He lived in Wayne & used to be our paperboy. Our temple experience was wonderful. The “forever mirrors” in the sealing room was so cool We really enjoyed our trip, visiting all the sights, and having fun. It was a memorable, spiritual trip. It was nice that Helen & Jude were both home from their missions so they could be with us. On Feb 19, 1978 our third daughter, Elizabeth Ruth was born. Beth is a lover. She as a baby, would tuck her hands under my arms (at armpits) and that is how she would snuggle. I breastfed her and that was a joy. She was a “natural” baby – a Lamaze baby. Beth is so smart, very cute and sweet & loveable.

15 Oct 1981

I’ve made several attempts in the past to begin my journal, today Iwill try. I have been trying to write my personal history. Yesterday I said no to a magazine salesman and saved us $40.00 a year. I think we can get magazines cheaper somewhere else.

Beth is starting pre-school next Tuesday. She could have started today but I have a lady coming over.Maureen Zetterlind returned my plate and saidshe is going to orient Sis. Booker.


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