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Mom’s Journal part 2

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author. I type it as I see it.*

28 Nov. 1981

Well, procrastination set in again. It seems I get so busy day to day I neglect my scripture reading and journal writing. I have some free time today so I will catch up. I really like living here in Bryan. The house is nice, we have friends here and the girls enjoy school. Beth has been learning so much in pre-school. I’m really proud of her. She is so smart and cute and very loveable. I’ve been trying to make sure to hug & kiss Andi & Jenny & Beth at least twice a day and tell them I love them, and appreciate their efforts. I think it helps – they are more willing to help around the house. Their faces brighten up and they smile a lot. I’m sure glad I do it. I’m really enjoying being pregnant. We moved to Bryan, Oh. in July of this year.

I’m going to miss being pregnant. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know you have a little child within you. Right now I’m almost 7 mo. pregnant and really only found out 2 mo ago. It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 mos. I’ll be holding this new baby. Motherhood is what I was cut out to be, I guess. The last time I went to the doctor, I gained 9# in a 6 wk period, I’d lost 3# before that so have only gained 6#. I go to the doctor every 2 wks now so that helps the time go faster. Last time when the baby’s heartbeat bump-bumped thru the sound amplifier, it was so strong & even – it really amazed me. This is the first time I ever got to hear a baby’s heartbeat & it really is something! Around the first or middle of January I’m going to get the baby things around. We have to bring the changing table from Ed’s mom’s in Fostoria. I’ll have to make a new pad for it and for the buggy. There’s time later for that. I’ve been busy now making Christmas gifts. I’m trying to make as much as I can.

I can do that with Beth and TamiJo and Sarah but the rest get harder. A friend at church is making some wooden puzzles for me, so that’s one less gift for each one. Hopefully, we’ll have enough money. I’m trying to get one or two things each week. If I have time I’m going to make several pincushion Christmas chairs and see if they’ll set at a craft shop in Fostoria. Maybe I can earn some money for gifts. Just once, I would love to be able to get presents for everyone and not worry about where the money was coming from. Maybe some day!! Ed & I want to send a newsletter to our friends who live far away to get them caught up on our lives. We also want to make special birth announcements. I guess now is the time to do both. Well, this is enough for today. I’m going to be more diligent and keep it up this time!

Mon. Nov. 30, 1981

Didn’t get to write yesterday. Today has been a blah day. I guess Mondays’ always are. I did go thru the Christmas catalog and got some ideas for presents. We did some more decorating tonight. I guess we’ll put the Christmas tree up tomorrow. Beth is really getting excited. All the Christmas decorations really thrill her. I guess from now until whenever will be her most fun time at Christmas time. Next year we’ll have another little one to enjoy. It’s so much fun to be a mother. I really enjoy it. I guess I’m going to order Christmas presents tomorrow or Thursday. Then we’ll be about done. Only a few things will be left. Beth just asked me what I was writing about and when I told her “some things about you”, she said “Oh mom – you’re so thoughtful!” She looks so cute with her hair short. I was so mad at Jenny when she “trimmed” Beth’s hair. She left big chunks out of the back and in order to even it up I had to cut it. It was just getting long & pretty, starting to curl on the ends. But now she looks like a cute little imp. The baby is wiggling & kicking a lot tonight. I can hardly wait until it’s here. Time to go to bed – more later.

18 Dec 1981

The Christmas rush has caught up to me. I still have all my baking to do, plus finish Jen’s outfit and Andi’s outfit. I have Beth’s done but she thinks it’s for Sarah. All I have to do on Jen’s is the hand sewing. I’ve just started Andi’s so I have a lot to do yet. I have to get them done by Tuesday cause that’s the last day of school. I also have to finish Sarah’s pinafore but I can do that in the evenings. I’ve been so busy lately – I crocheted 8 pinchushion chairs: 4 for Mom to give as gifts, 1 for Ed (he gave it to his girlfriend), 1 for Leila, 1 for Judy and one for Maureen Zetterlind’s birthday. I have a lot to do in the short time before Christmas. It seems to be coming fast this year! I didn’t have the Christmas spirit but it snowed yesterday and I feel “Christmasy”. According to the weather report tonight, it’s supposed to stay bitterly coldand snow Tues & Wed so we should have a white Christmas. I need to pick up Ryan & Jason’s gifts, get some wrapping paper and stocking stuffers. Then I’m done! It doesn’t seem like only a week until Christmas. More later.

2 Jan 1982

The holidays were very busy for us but very enjoyable. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve we went to my Mom & Dad’s for supper and to open gifts. It was a mad house with all the kids opening gifts & throwing paper around. Andi got her boots, Jen got her radio & dress, Beth got a record player and some records with books. Ed & I got a toaster oven and blender – both of which we really needed. That night we went to Fostoria to spend the night with Ed’s mom. This is a hard Christmas for her since Ed’s dad died. When we walked into her living room we nearly fell over! It was almost FULL of presents. In fact, when we loaded them in the trunk – it was completely full. We got clothes – I got a blouse, nightgown, housecoat & slippers made by Mom. Ed & the girls got lots of nice stuff too. Oh – also I got a gold chain necklace. Christmas dinner at JoAnne’s was very good but way too much food. I ate a lot of cheese & crackers so wasn’t very hungry. We went to Gram & Gramp Slaughterbeck’s in the evening. They got presents for Andi, Jen, Beth, & Jo & Jim’skids. They didn’t get presents for their other great-grandkids because the others don’t ever visit them. Andi & Jen each got a pair of panty hose (which they really need). Beth got a doll that drinks & wets. Jo & Jim & Ed & I went together and got them a Hickory Farms box.



  1. Thanks for posting these! What a treat!!!!

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