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Mom’s Journal part 3

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author. I type it as I see it.*

14 Jan 1982

12 days later! I read Ed’s journal tonite and it inspired me to get busy on mine. It seems that as I get older, I get busier. With Andi & Jenny’s school activities, Beth’s pre-school, church activities & family committments it gets busier. In Ed’s journal he mentioned that he conducted Fast & Testimony on Jan 6. He said he finally “browbeat” me into bearing my testimony. That’s not true. I don’t like to bear my testimony because I lose control of my emotions. It embarrasses me to cry. This is the only true church on the earth. When we attend meetings (weddings, etc.) at other churches, it amazes me – all the ceremony, etc. The elegant simplicity of our services are so comforting. Last fast & testimony was one of the few time Iactually felt the Holy Ghost prompting me to get up. It was a really good feeling. I was proud of myself for 1) being able to stand up and walk up front to the podium, and 2) being able to bear my testimony without crying. My voice wavered but I stayed in control. It was a lot easier than I thought and I intend to do it more often! I have a thought to put in here – it doesn’t apply to testimonies but it was a revelation to me. We visited with the Bowling Green Ward members on Dec 27th. It was nice being back & seeing old friends but I felt like an outsider. I did not feel like part of that ward anymore. It seemed like when we moved to the Defiance Branch, it was hard getting to know people, and to feel comfortable, but after a few weeks I did feel at home and now I’m glad I’m here and not still in the BG ward. Going back to BG was like visiting another ward not like coming “back home.”

We had our first Lamaze class Tuesday night. We discussed pregnancy and the changes in the mother’s body, plus breathing exercies. We did mild exercises and boy was I out of shape! I was so stiff and sore on Wed. it took me 2 hrs. after I got up to move and sit with ease. I still did my exercises today – lots better. Jenny’s teacher (Mrs. Karas) is in our class. She’s due the last of March. One lady is due Feb 11th, then we’re due the 18th. The rest are March. I’ve been alternating between huge spurts of energy during which I clean out and organize everything in the house. Then I’m lazy for awhile. I’ve washed & folded all the baby clothes except for a few diapers. I still need to pack my suitcase. I am so anxious for this child to be born. I’ve told the Dr.that I’d like to have this baby with no anesthetic at all. I don’t know if I can but I’d like to try. My next appt. is Jan 25th because the Dr. is on vacation the week before. He will check then to see if I’m dilating. I’ll just have to wait until ‘Thumper’ decides to make an apperance.

Sat Jan 16, 1982

Last night Ed& I drove to Bro.&Sis. Mortensen’s for a Stake Primary Christmas Party. The weather looked to be bad but wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We were the farthest away. Gibsons & Lewis’ from BG were there and we had a very nice evening. Sis Cynthia Haller went with us. We introduced ourselves, told our hobbies and an embarrasing or funny spiritual experience. It was a fun evening. Yesterday was a busy, busy day. Ed wanted me to take the car to K mart to get a muffler. I got there around 10 am and the service man said about a half hour. Beth & I shopped until 11:00 then went back to the service area. Our car was not even in the shop yet. I didn’t have a watch but we sat there a long time. When we finally got done it was 1:30 or 1:45 pm. The service man apologized but what could I do? Then I had to pick up Maureen to go visiting teaching. By the time we got back itwas time to go pick up Ed at 3:30. Ed &Iwent to the bank, then to Sears, then home to get ready for the party. What a day! I was sure glad it was over! Today is cold and very windy with traveler’s advisory. The temp is already below zero. It’s a little chilly in the house but bearable.Andi has the living room all straightened, Jen has the bathroom straightened and I’m doing laundry. Hopefully – the house can get cleaned today. Everyone’s been doing really well keeping it clean – except for me when I have days like yesterday. Today is a day for work so I’ll get busy for now.

20 Jan. 1982

Last night was another Lamaze class. We went over the 3 parts of labor – delivery to birth. The first stage is labor and includes 3 stages: 1st – dilation from 0 – 3 centimeters called entertainment phase because the contractions are not uncomfortable enough to be distracting. The second stage is dilation from 4 – 7 centimeters. This is called the active stage. This is the bulk part of labor and the working part. The 3rd stage is from 8 – 10 centimeters and called transition. This is the hardest contractions longest duration of contractions and shortest time between contractions. During transition mothers get grumpy, sick, etc. I don’t remember knowing I was in transition with Beth but I do remember burping a lot (another sign) and being grouchy to Ed. I expect to pay more attention this time. I’m going to try to deliver this baby with no anesthesia at all. The second part is delivery or birth of the child, the third part is delivery of the placenta. We learned the other two breathing techniques for labor & transition. They are different than I learned before so I have to practice them. I’m still stiff and sore from exercises at class but much better than last time. I need to ask the Dr. some questions when I go in on Monday. I hope I don’t gain too much weight. I haven’t been watching too closely. I sure wish I had only 1 wk left instead of 3 or 4 or possibly 5. I am getting clumsy and impatient. Thumper is so active that sometimes the kicks hurt. I can tell the baby’s time is nearly up – I have to go to the bathroom more often – lots more. Today – Beth got her first beauty shop haircut. She looks so cute! Her hair is real short & a little curly. I got a perm. I decided it was time to get away from the short, cutesy styles. I have my suitcase partly packed and the baby’s things are all ready. I have to pack up the things for Ed to take to the hospital to bring the baby home in. I want to get those things done ahead of time. It gives me peace of mind. I got some plastic today so I can cover the bathinette pad and make a pad for the buggy. I still need room for that. I’m really glad Heavenly Father sent this child to live with us!


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