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Mom’s Journal part 4

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author. I type it as I see it.*

Sat. Jan 23, 1982

Last night did we ever have a surprise! All the Branch members surprised us with a baby shower. Dennis & Barb Taylor asked us to their house for dessert & to get to know us better – or so they said. When we got there, I heard a noise and turned around to see Janice Tea, then Roger Tea, Larry & Maureen Zetterlind, and Mic & Jenny McKarns. They all yelled ‘surprise’! Boy we really were! After we sat down, Roger said they wanted to make sure they had the shower before the baby was born. Since Mic & Jenny just found our they’re expecting we talked a lot about babies. We played 2 games of stork bingo (I won the 2nd) and then played a game where by drawing 3 lines, had to separate 10 babies into their own “playpens”. It was really hard but Ed figured it out. We got candy bars as prizes. Then they brought out this pile of presents. I sure was surprised! We got some very nice things. Zetterlinds gave us a 90 ct. box of Pampers; Taylor’s gave us a Mom’s Brag Book and had a beautiful 3-tier pink & blue decorated cake for refreshments; the Tea’s gave us a handmade padded picture frame and a pint jar filled with cotton balls and topped with a counted cross-stitch cover, and a small stuffed pillow with baby cross stitched on it (to hold safety pins.) They’re all so cute & creative! McKarns gave us a very creative and different gift. Jenny took an old pair of panty hose and stuffed them with a dozen diapers – formed likea baby. Then it was dressed in a little jogging suitwith cloth tennis shoes and she even sewed a little face on it. It was really cute! I want to take a picture of it before I take it apart. Sue Davis called today and apologized for not beingable to make it. I have to get some thank you cards and get them sent out. Today has been a boring day. We got groceries this morning – it rained all last evening, then froze so the roads were a sheet of ice. I don’t know if they’ll have church tomorrow or not, the temperatures are supposed to stay cold. Right now at 2:40 pm it’s 18° F. It’s really windy too. At least the snow won’t drift cause it’s covered with ice. Andi didn’t have Super Saturday today because of the roads. Jenny has had a friend, Angie Sidle, here from school yesterday til today. We’re going to take her home soon. I have to stop at Lane’s to pick up a few things anyhow – Later —

Wed Jan 27, 1982

It was sunshiny & bright yesterday and it is today too. It looks so nice & cheery! Andi & Jenny didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday because the back roads were one glare of ice. They had an hour delay today so the drivers could see the roads better. It was nice having them home but I’m glad they went back today. It’s supposed to get up into the 30’s today. It’s getting more and more uncomfortable to carry this child around. I don’t think I’m as big as I was with Beth. According to my calculations next Sunday (Jan 31) begins my 39th week. I should only have 2 weeks left. By counting 280 days from the first day of my last period the 280th day should be around Feb. 14th so that would be the beginning of my 41st week. Time is getting short and I’m looking forward to it being over. I’m not looking forward to the labor & delivery but the end result will be my youngest child – a new life, a spirit from Heavenly Father come to live with us.

Tues Feb 2,1982

We didn’t have church again this past Sun. Another blizzard hit Saturday night. Sunday night & Monday there was a travel ban on the roads. The authorities were arresting anyone who was on the roads for anything  but an emergency. Andi & Jenny didn’t have school, and Ed couldn’t get the car out to get to work. None of the roads had been plowed yet. About 7:15 am the phone rang and it was Ed’s boss, John Essman. Ed told him our road had not been plowed and he didn’t want to be arrested for being out. John asked if Ed would go to work if he’d come get him. Ed said yes so a few minutes later John came in his 4-wheel drive truck. I guess John picked up 3 people, another guy came on a snowmobile and John worked. That’s all that were there. About 11 am Mrs Stark came over and asked if Ed was here. She wanted someone to move the car so the drives could be plowed out. I said I didn’t want to go out – the snow was too deep. She said she’d move it and put it back – so that’s what she did. There’smore snow coming tonight and Wednesday, possibly 3-4″ more. I hope the roads clear when the baby comes so Ed’s mom can get here. Our last Lamaze class is tonight. I hope Linda (the instructor) doesn’t postpone it, I want to get it over with. Last night I had some strange news. I’m being released from the Stake Primary Board because Sister Mortensen is being released. She’s been called to be Relief Society Pres. in Bowling Green. The stake leaders have no replacement in mind as yet so we’re sort of in limbo until something gets done.

Thursday Feb 4, 1982

Well, Tuesday is past. I had my doctor’s appointment Tues. afternoon. The baby’s heartbeat sounded really fast but neither the doctor or I had a second hand. He said it sounded around 150 though. The babyis still breech and he didn’t think it would turn. He said there was still a lot of fluid so it was possible. He hinted that we might have longer to wait. We talked to our Lamaze instructor and she said that we probably could opt for Cesarian when delivery time came. We could choose to have the baby normally but could risk brain damage. I want to give this child every possible GOOD chance I can and if that means C-section – so be it. I would like to try this last labor & delivery all on my own, no anesthetic. Maybe I should have a blessing that the baby will turn around. I didn’t gain any weight last week so still have only gained 8¾#. I eat like a horse – whenever I’m hungry. I feel proud of myself. Our tour of the hospital was interesting & helpful. We didn’t get to see the 2 delivery rooms or the 3 labor rooms because they had all the labor rooms full of laboring moms. But we did see the nursery and one of the patient rooms. The patient rooms are small but private, and each one has it’s own bathroom & closet. I’m getting so anxious to get this over with and hold my babe!

Wed Feb 10, 1982

Well, yesterday was another Dr. appt. I gained ¾#. He took the baby’s heartbeat and it was 140. My cervix is still thick & closed not starting to efface or dilate. Dr. said maybe next week I’d show some change. The baby is still breech. I had a blessing Sunday so I feel alot better, more relaxed. If it turns – OK, if not – OK. I’ve been feeling a little better at times recently. Sometimes I still get achy & stiff but I guess I can stand it for a couple of weeks more. Maybe the baby will be born on the 26th, that’s my Grandpa Keller’s birthday. The Dr. said the baby may be small or else not really due yet. I wouldn’t want to wait a whole month more!

Fri Feb 12, 1982

Yesterday was a milestone. My firstborn turned 15 years old. It makes me feel old to have a 15 year old & expecting a baby. Am I crazy??? Ha! Ha!


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