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Mom’s Journal part 5

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

Wed Feb. 17, 1982

I didn’t get to finish on the 12th and just haven’t written again. Yesterday it was really foggy so Andi & Jen had a 2-hr. delay, then school was cancelled. The fog didn’t lift until afternoon. Then last night it rained and rained, then froze. It started out this morning with another 2-hr delay then cancelled again. Andi needs to go back to school. She was a real snotty person this morning – very smart mouthed and sassy and even said I had no right to boss her, I could not tell her what to do and what not to do. So – I made her go to her room. She’s been there all morning and it sure is peaceful! I’ll have to talk to Ed about it.

Yesterday was my Dr appt. When he saw my big belly he said “Boy – are you pregnant!” I said ‘I know’ and he said “No, I mean REALLY pregnant!” It was really funny. The baby is still breech but this week he said it as a big baby. So – here goes another Beth at 9 ½#. He asked me if I minded if a student came in – I said I didn’t, so he called a girl named Ann to come in. He asked her to check and see what position the baby was in. She was really embarrassed but began feeling the baby. She felt the head and sait it was either the head or the bottom. Dr said “You’re not very decisive, are you?” She decided it must be the bottom. Dr Tantoco explained about the baby’s head being firmer and broader. He said the baby as breech. He showed her where the back was, and let her feel the knee. It was fun for me, but I felt sorry for her. I hope she makes a good doctor someday. I asked him about a cesarian. He said usually 7 or 8 times out of 10 you can deliver normally but that the risk of brain damage is so high we need to be safe. Since the baby is still breech and big we will probably go the cesarian way. Also, since I’m having a tubal ligation – it would be just as easy to have a C-section & do them at the same time. That way we would not risk the baby having any brain damage. I want the baby to have every possible chance it can for good health. I’m anxious for things to get going. It’s so hard to feel this little life inside you kicking and moving and to not be anxious to hold it, cuddle it, kiss it, nurse it, etc. It’s so hard to be patient! I wishI knew when I would go into labor. It would help to know if I had only 4 days or 1 week left. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Tues. Feb 23, 1982

Well, I’m still here and I’m still pregnant – VERY pregnant. I’m beginning to believe it will be March before this baby comes. I was very depressed last night. I felt super all day except for a backache. I got all the laundry done, plus some dishes too. The house is all clean & ready for my hospital trip. Well – I was happy & fine until Andi & Jen started to fix supper. They kept asking questions, arguing and I kept getting angrier. Supper was very quiet and subdued. I folded some clothes and took them into our bedroom and turned out the light to come back & do more laundry. All of a sudden I felt so depressed that I sat don on the bed and cried & cried for about 15 min. Ed told the girls to be quiet because I was laying don. That made me cry more. Then when I’d just about stop, I’d start again. Then I heard Ed doing dishes for me and I felt bad & cried again. Baby blues I guess. When I was finally able to stop, I went out & helped dry dishes for Ed. We worked at them for a while until I noticed Ed’s feet & legs were bothering him so we quit. I went to bed at 10:30pm and didn’t wake up until 2am or so. I had to go to the bathroom at 5am, went back to bed until 6:30. I got the girls up for school, went back to bed and slept until 10:00am. When I got up I felt SUPER! I must have been overtired. I did more dishes today – have them almost done, plus a couple of loads of laundry. I’ve had a backache all day, plus a crampy feeling but do not think I’m going into labor. Tomorrow morning is my Dr. appt. and I’m going to ask him to just admit me and do the C-section. There are complications with the surgery but if I decided to try to deliver normally and there were problems, I’d never forgive myself! We’ll see what he says. I am so uncomfortable I can’t see being able to function or sleep for much longer. Ed’s mom called tonight. She asked if I thought I’d have the baby before Monday. She has a doctor appointment on Friday and is getting her taxes done Monday. We’ll see what the Dr. says in the morning. Beth was born on my Grandpa Good’s birthday and the 26th is my Grandpa Keller’s birthday. Any day would be fine though. Beth’s birthday was last Friday. We celebrated it on Thursday night. She had a Strawberry Shortcake cake. She liked her presents. I hope her birthday was a happy one. I had wanted to have a birthday party for her but with not knowing when Thumper would arrive, I didn’t feel like I could plan it. Maybe next year I can give her one.

Sun. Feb 28

Almost a whole week has gone by and I haven’t written. Everyone is at church and I have dinner in the oven. I even made a chocolate cream jellyroll for dessert, to surprise everyone. There was supposed to be choir practice, for the Easter cantata. I won’t be singing. Easter will probably be the first Sunday I am back at church. I have a non-stress test tomorrow at the hospital. They’ll monitor the baby to see if its’ in any stress. Then I have a Dr. appt after that. I called Dr Miller in Bowling Green. He was my OB doctor with Beth. I found out he’d moved my due date ahead 3 weeks. That’s why I wasn’t late with Beth. It would put this baby due around the 12th or 13th of March. I’m not sure if I’ll tell the Dr or not. I think I’ll wait and see what he says on Monday. The baby is still breech so I don’t know if he would induce labor or not. I am uncomfortable but I’ll survive, knowing it’s almost over. Thumper has been really active today! Busy, busy, busy! It’s making my stomach tired. I’d sure like to go visit family but Ed says no – I would get too tired. He’s right, but I sure miss everyone. I’m so tired of being stuck in this house. Even if I do get out, I get too tired to walk much. So here I sit. I’ve started a white baby sweater for Judy and a green, yellow & white baby afgan for Mic & Jenny McKarns. It’s been something to keep me busy. Well, I had a break. Ed had run some scout stuff out to Jim Davis so he took me along. We went to Defiance to get gas (4¢ cheaper than in Bryan) then went to see Independance Dam & the lock. We got a pop and headed home. I said I didn’t remember ever being in Edgerton so we drove over there, then home. We were gone about 2 hrs. It was a really nice drive. I sure appreciated Ed being so thoughtful of my feelings. I sure do love him! Mrs Stark’s mother brought over 1/3 of a strawberry pie for me. It sure was nice of her. My spirits are so much better. I’m going to try to write daily at least until the baby comes, then whenever I have free time.


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