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Mom’s Journal part 6

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

Mon Mar 1, 1982

Boy, what a day! I had to be at the hospital at 9:00 this morning for a non-stress test on the baby. The doctor also wanted me to have an ultra-sound scan and amniocentesis. During the scan, I could see the baby’s head, it’s heart beating, it’s spine, a little leg and foot, and a hand opening and closing. Ed said Thumper knew it was on “TV” so it was waving to mommy. It was really neat! Dr Tantoco came in to do the amnio thing and said look at the size of that head! It must be really large. He did the test, numbed the spot and then inserted a needle to draw out fluid. It didn’t hurt at all, just a funny pressure. Then he asked if Wednesday was OK for a C-section. I said sure! I’ll be glad to hold this squirt – even if it means a sore tummy. Also, I’ve started to dilate so I could go into labor, which he doesn’t want. The amnio test result will be back Tues. afternoon so I have to call his office. The only reason why he wouldn’t go ahead, is if the baby’s lungs are not mature enough. I don’t really see that to be a possibility. I can’t decide if I should ask what the sex is or not. I’m leaning toward NOT. I’m not sure though. I’ve been so excited today. It’s 10:15pm and I’m not sleepy. I know I need to rest & sleep. I don’t want to be tired tomorrow. It sure is a big relief to know tomorrow is my last day to be pregnant. As much as I’ve complained, I’m sure I’ll miss it when I cannot be pregnant any longer.

He’s going to do a tubal ligation at the same time. 4 children is enough, and 6 pregnancies is too. I can just be happy with my children and enjoy the pregnancies of others. So if the test results are OK, I have to be in the hospital at 3:00pm on Tues. Mar 2 andour last child will have Mar 3 as a birthday. I’m taking my journal with me in the hospital so I can record my feelings & thoughts. I hope I have time to write. More later. (*editorial note – I have always absolutely loved that my birthday is March 3. Way to go Mom!)

Tues Mar 2

Here I am at the hospital. I came in about 4:00pm and its now 15 til 9. My C-section is tomorrow morning at 7:45am. The baby should be here around 8am. Ed’s going to be in the delivery room. I’m not sure he wants to but I want him to hear the baby when I do. I think he’s going to give the baby its first feeding – glucose water. He’s excited about that. The baby’s heartbeat was 152 when I was admitted so I’m sure the baby is a girl. But girls are nice. There are 4 girls and 2 boys in the nursery now so that points to it too. I had company tonite – Ed brought Andi & Jenny up to see me. It sure was nice but I got misty-eyed when Andi said a prayer for our family prayer. It was sweet & touching. I just called home to let them know I had a phone now. I talked to Beth. She really sounded cute. She asked if I’d had my operation yet. I told her in the morning. It snowed again, about 3″. Tonight is the last night I will look like I swallowed a watermelon. Tomorrow I will be able to hold this baby. I can hardly wait! I’m going to stay up to watch TV until 10:00pm or so then go to sleep. I’m kind of tired so I want to get a good night’s sleep. Also – this will be the last time in a long time I’ll be able to sleep all night thru. I won’t mind though. I love this child so much. I can’t wait to kiss it and hold & cuddle it. Tomorrow -it won’t come soon enough.

Mar 4, 1982

Yesterday – Kristen Kae Stephenson was born at 8:13am by C-section. Bryan Community Hospital is very nice. The doctors & nurses are nice. Kristi is so adorable. She’s tall & thin (like Jenny) but weighed 9#1 oz. Her eyebrows make a kind of ^. They grow up at the outer edge. She looks impish. She’s so sweet & loveable. We love her so very much!!

Sat. Mar 6

Well, here I am in the hospital and ready to go home – believe it or not! Dr Tantoco came in last night and said whenever I felt like it, I could go home. I said I felt terrific, which I do, so he said I could come home today. My sides and stomach don’t hurt nearly as bad today. I got a really good nights sleep last night. My milk came in yesterday so my breasts are very full and tender. Backing up a bit – on Tues. night I really didn’t sleep well. I had to get up at 5:00 am to start my day. I took a shower (my last for a while), the nurse inserted a catheter and shaved my stomach. The anesthesiologist came in about 6 am and started my IV, and explained what would be done. He was really nice. Ed got here about 7:15 am. At 7:45 they took me into the delivery room & Ed went to scrub and dress. Larry (the anesthesist) gave me the spinal & rolled me onto my back. He keptchecking me with a pin prick to see how high up I was numb. When he was satisfied, he draped a bar in front of me and in came Ed.

He said surgery had already started when he came in but I didn’t realize it. It just felt like someone was pushing and rubbing my stomach. It wasn’t too long until we heard the suction. That was the first time I realized the C-section had started. Larry told me – now it will feel like pushing & pulling – they were working the baby out. It was not uncomfortable at all. I heard the baby gurgle – trying to cry and could see it in the reflection of the light above me. Larry asked a couple of times – what is it? Is it a girl? Then he told us – it’s a girl and she looks big. I was so happy the tears rolled out of my eyes. The pediatrician (Dr Hess) checked her out to make sure she was OK, then someone brought her over for us tosee & touch.

She did look kind of chubby with a round face & head. They took her to the nursery and Ed had to leave. Dr Tantoco asked me if I still wanted the tubal & I said yes. While he was doing that I started to feel sick to my stomach but it passed in a couple of minutes. Then my nose plugged up and my mouth dried out. That’s typical of the medicine given me. Larry (bless him) asked someone for a wet rag and he let me wet my mouth & lips. That really helped. Everything was done so quickly, I was really amazed! I was in the recovery room by 9:00 or 9:30 am. Ed got to hold Kristen. I could have too but I had to lay still on my back. I was so groggy and sleepy I didn’t feel like holding her. She weight 9# 1 oz and was 21 ¼ ” long. Her head was 14 1/8″ around so it was probable that I would not have been able to deliver her. As soon as I could wiggle my toes, the nurseputelastic stockings onme to helpprevent blood clots. When my 8 hrs of laying flat was over, they gotme up outof bed. I had to sit in a chair while htey fixed my bed. They made me walk to the nursery and back, pushing the IV cart and the nurse carrying my urine bag. That was quite an experience. It’s like you’ve never walked before. The next morning they took the catheter out so I could get up on my own. My IV also was out after the 2nd bag of IV fluids. Now the stream of nurses with blood pressures, temps, pulses, prodding my sore stomach & giving me helpful information came. A nurse from the Pediatricians office came to bring me a paper to explain about Kristen’s dr. visits and new foods, etc.

Flowers & visitors came. Andi & Jenny came up & thought Kristen was cute. Other visitors were: the Elders, Cindy Wright (Andi’s friend), Tonya (Jen’s friend), Carol Malone. Jan Connor tried to come but was too early for visiting hours and couldn’t stay. Ben Dorsey (our newhome teacher) was here, hisdad Pres. & Sis Dorsey & Vicky came, Mom Stephenson and of course Ed. Beth came in last night to see Kristen. The nurses put a chair up by the window and Beth stood on it and looked at the baby. She didn’t seem to sure about everything. She didn’t want much to do with Kristen but I think she was kind of scared by the hospital. She was happy to see me. I think that is what bothered her the most. I gave her the present from Kristen and the suckers. She liked that. When I found out last night that I could go home today, I called home. When I talked to Beth, she was really excited about us coming home. She gets to be the first to hold her, so that will help. Dr Tantoco just came in again to make sure I felt good enough to go home. I feel lots better today than I even did yesterday. My stomach hurts less.

I saw the respiratory therapist so I’ll have to do my breathing exercises soon. Dr Jackson (from Pediatrics) just came in with Kristen and checked her out. She passed with flying colors. I think there is another lady in labor right now. Ed said there were about 10 people in the delivery room withus. I knew it had been busy, I just didn’t realize how many. The day nurse just came in with 2 big bags of baby goodies. There are 3 pkgs of diapers plus lots of other good things. Mom & Leila & Judy sure will be surprised to see me home. Sis Murray (respiratory) just was here and I did my breathing exercises. It was lots easier to do this time. The other therapist told me 5 or 6 was the highest (on high level) that she’d ever seen anyone do. Gosh – it’s almost 9 am. Ed will be here at 10:00 and I still have to nurse Kristen and get ready. I want to have a little time to relax when I get home. More later. – –


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