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Mom’s Journal part 7

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

20 Mar 1982

Well – have I ever been busy! This 2 weeks have been fun! Kristi is so sweet and fun to care for. She hasn’t liked her tub bath too well but she smells so good afterwards. She’s been a pretty good baby. I’ve started her on rice cereal – she really loves it!It helps her get full. She’s been hard to keep full – she wants to nurse & nurse. Sometimes I have to feed her an ounce of formula after I nurse her. The cereal helps though. She has thinned out quite a bit – her face is longer & thinner. I should measure her – I’ll bet she’s grown!

I want to write down my birth experiences. I’m sure the blessing Ed gave me helped me to heal rapidly & recover faster. The secondday after Kristi was born (Thurs.) I made 8 trips to the nursery & back. The nurses told me that on Friday I had to make 20 trips. The 8 trips tired me out, Friday I didn’t walk a lot. Monika Lewis called me Fri nite, and Dr Tantoco kept walking past the door. When Monika hung up, he came in, checked my incision and said it looked fine. He said I could go home Saturday. Since delivery day isn’t counted, we get to go home on the 3rd day. Kristi has not established a regular routine eating pattern yet, so my milk lets down sometimes when she’s asleep. Mom Stephenson went home last Sat. She said I was feeling so good she felt in the way. Besides, she has a new boyfriend. I’ve done really well. When Kristi is sleeping I do dishes or laundry. Andi has been super about helping out! She’s kept the dishes up and the living room neat. I sure appreciate her! It is difficult to get back in the swing of Primary. We had a mtg Sunday but I feel totally lost! I just can’t seem to get going. I hope it comes together soon!

29 Mar. 1982

I had a lot to do today. I had to take the car to K Mart and leave it. Maureen brought me home, but took Beth to her house to play with Kathy. She fed her lunch and brought her back about 1:30 pm. I got a lot done while she was gone. I did dishes, laundry, fed & bathed Kristi. Kristi fell asleep just before noon and is still asleep (2:00 pm). She should be waking up soon. I straightened the living room because my visiting teachers are coming. Our income tax check (refund) came so we are all getting our eyes checked. I’m sure Jenny will need glasses.

Last Sunday – a week ago yesterday – we took Kristi over to Mom & Dad’s and JoAnne & Jim’s for Tami’s party. We also took her over to Gram & Gramp Slaughterbeck’s. When we were on the way over – we had a flat tire. Ed changed it * when we got to Fostoria, Ed’s mom said we ought to have it fixed. We didn’t and believe it or not – on the way home, outside of Wayne. We thumped & bumped into Wayne, called Ed’s mom to come get us and we spent the night there. Ed had the tire repaired, changed & we came home Mon. afternoon. Beth & Kristi & I had a nice visit with Mrs Garner (our former neighbor) while Ed fixed the tire. We finally got to meet Herb – Ed’s mom’s new boyfriend. He is really nice and Ed & I like him alot! Today is a nice, sunny spring day. Beth is outside playing.

22 Apr 1982

Boy it’s been a long time since I wrote. I’ve been really busy – Ed had a bad cold last week and I have it this week. I hope Kristi doesn’t get sick. She has a Dr. appt next week for her first shot (DPT).

29 Apr. 1982

Beth has been really sick with a cold. I kept her home from school Tues & today. She has a bad cough today. She got a card & $1.00 from Mom & Dad today. They are such thoughtful grandparents. Marsha & Jack sent a letter and card. I also got a letter from Leila. I hit it rich! I have to get busy & write letters. I owe lots of them! Tonight Maureen Zetterlind and I are going visiting teaching. We really have to try harder to get out in the beinning of the month. Herb & Mom are hitting it off really well. They’ve even been smooching in the open refrigerator. They seem to be getting serious. Ed & I think it’s cute.

Today was Ed’s court date to evict Janice from the house in Wayne. Ed says we’ve been good too long. We tried to help them out and all they did was take us for a ride. Welfare would only pay $210.00 and she owes $910.00. It may be that we’ll be stuck for it and have to pay the back rent ourselves. At any rate – she’ll be out of the house and maybe we can sell it or get someone else to rent it. I hope Heavenly Father will bless us somehow to get this taken care of. It sure would be nice to be able to afford things & have some savings. It seems we are always behind on some bill or another. We’ve borrowed as much as we can fromour parents. I guess we’re on our own. At least we have ourfamily, the church, and the love for each other. We have a nice home and food to eat. I hope something good (financially) happens to us soon. I guess I need to be finding a job to supplement our income. Well, my stomach tells me suppertime is near so I’d better get it fixed.

5 May 1982

The court hearing went just fine – now if Janice will live up to her end of the deal. She isto pay us $269.00 (from welfare) plus the normal $200.00 rent for May plus $50.00 extra each month. So from now on she’ll pay $250.00 each month together caught up on the $910.00 she owes plus keep her current. If she doesn’t pay us the $269.00 before May 20 she is in contempt of court and will immediately be evicted. Maybe things are looking up!

Last night was Jenny’s band concert. Their band is really good. I was surprised they sounded so well! It was a really good concert. The orchestra played too so it was an enjoyable evening. Kristi fussed so I took her out and fed her. Then she slept the rest of the concert. Tonight I have an interview with Bro. Heiser from the Stake High Council. It’s probably about my Stake Primary Calling. Maybe I’m being re-called as a counselor under a different President. I just hope it’s not President – I don’t think I could handle that! I have to go to correlation mtg at the Branch tonight too – for Primary. Sis Zetterlind is on vacation and Sis Greutman is there as custodian.

I haven’t gotten much done today – a dab of dishes and 2 loads of laundry. It’s nice & warm again today. Yesterday it was 81°. Today so far it’s 79°. It’s a little overcast too. Rain?


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