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Mom’s Journal part 8

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

20 May 1982

I can’t believe its been so long! A week ago yesterday was the Miss & her mom party at church. It was nice. My hot German potato saladmade a big hit. Andi & Jenny read a poem. After sharing time I had to show everyone how to make bonnet pincushions. Everyone’s turned out cute! Tonight is the band banquet (Andi’s) at the High School. It starts at 6:30pm. Andi will get her letter “B”. She’s really excited. It seems strange to think Andi will graduate in 2 years. Sometimes she’s so mature, then other times she’s like a 2 yr. old. I guess that’s teen hormones. Jenny is rapidly growing up. She’s 12 and very thin. She’ll never be fat! They are both so helpful. Beth is beginning to be a little difficult. She never wants to help do anything and gets sent to bed alot!! Mostly she’s pretty good though. Her last day of preschool was last Thursday, so she is done for the summer. In the fall she’ll have class in the mornings on Tues & Thurs. She’s really excited. She just learned she can pick up Kristen and carry her. Kristen is so cute & sweet. She just fits into 6 – 9 mo. clothes and is growing fast. She’s very lovable. I’m so glad she decided to come to earth. She’s worth everything I went through. I love her so much. I love Andi, Jenny, & Beth too. It’s amazing how much you can love a child!!

24 May 1982

Kristi is getting better tempered. At times she’s mad & angry but most of the time she’s pretty happy. She’s more patient about not eating every 2 hrs. I’m baking bread today, plus doing lots of laundry. Kristen is asleep for the night, Beth is in bed. I gave them both a bath. Andi’s in her room & Jenny is going. Ed just went to bed so it’s quiet. I made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread, plus 8 cinnamon rolls. I need more bread pans, though. I have 2 glass ones, plus a round one, plus a long tube one. When I make a batch of bread I always have dough left over.

I started a white basket today for Valerie Prine for a graduation present. I really feel down tonight. As soon as Andi & Jenny get home from school they head to Murphy’s Mart to play Pac-Man or Atari. I’m fed up with it! Beth has been onery all day. I’m just tired & worn out. The house is a mess – the dishes are all dirty – clothes dirty. I just feel overwhelmed right now. The girls have not been doing their assignments – oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I think I’ll bake white bread & some cookies. Bethwants to make gingerbread boys & decorate them. Well it’s 10:30 pm, I’m tired and I still need to fold garments & straighten the living room.

24 June 1982

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by! Ed got laid off – only for 2 mos. I hope. It hasn’t been too bad with him home. He’s going to be painting an apartment for the Starks. It will go towards our rent. Andi is gone to my mom’s babysitting for Jason while Leila & Bill are at the World’s Fair. Leila just found out she’s pregnant. She’s so happy. I’m glad for her. She’s wanted to get pregnant for some time. I’ve said prayers for her. Judy is due any day. I hope they both have girls.

26 June 1982

Well – today has been an unusual day. Jo called this morning to tell us that Grandpa Slaughterbeck died this morning at 9:04am. Then Jeff called at 11:00 or so to tell us that he & Judy had just had a 7# plus boy. All this on Ed’s 45th birthday. What an unsettling day for him. He feels like he needs to be there but there is no way we can go 3 times in 3 days. Ed is going to ask Bro. Mortensen if he could run him to Fostoria then the girls & I will go on Tues. morning for the funeral. Andi leaves for Atlanta at 9am with the band so she won’t be with us. Beth has a talk at church tomorrow so I have to help her now. Oh – I was released from the Stake Primary. More later. —

8 July 1982

It seems like it gets longer & longer between entries. Today is a Thursday 5 days after our 17th anniversary, and our 1st anniversary of being in Bryan. Ed has been painting the Stark’s apartment house. The funny thing is he is busier now than when he was working. Tues. he went to camp with the Cub Scouts & had fun. Andi sure had fun in Atlanta. We heard them on the radio and that was a thrill. When Bill Priest (WBNO announcer) said, “I see a band coming – they’re black & white with some gold!! Here they are folks!!! They Bryan Golden Bears!!!!” I think everyone was as thrilled as I was. I’m sending a thank you to the radio station. I also am applying for 2 jobs this am plus do dishes and go visiting teaching.

5 Aug 1982

Yesterday and today have sure been rotten! Today I had to drive all the way to Findlay. Boy was I mad! This week my brother Ed has been staying here to help my Ed paint the Haller’s house. They figure they should get done tomorrow. Then Ed might paint the Zetterlind’s house. I don’t know when he’ll get back to work. He put in an application at Campbell’s in Napoleon. They said they’d be calling in a few wks. Yesterday he worked so long at Hallers (forgot his church mtgs) that the girls & I were late for our mtgs. Then Sis Malone said that we would need to pick up our own groceries (church welfare) at Napoleon. Well – on the way there I got stopped by a badge-happy lady cop in Ney for going 33 mph. I was slowing down but not down to 25 when the sign was there. I was at 25 mph by the traffic signal – a few feet farther than the sign. She waited until I was almost out of town before she turned her lights on. Boy was I mad! I didn’t get a ticket but she took my name and SS#. That was last night. I was so keyed up I couldn’t sleep. Then this morning I had to drive Andi to Dorsey’s to pick up Vicki then to church in Defiance to meet the Armstrongs. They aregoing to a youth activity. Bob Armstrong wanted to save himself a trip to the church (he lives in Paulding) so he called Dorsey’s and told them to tellme just to go to his house. I was sure Rt 127 was detoured but Bob said no, I could get there. Well, it was detoured – to Rt 18 then to Rt 24 (both near Defiance) then into Paulding. I don’t know where he thought we were (he knew we were coming) but he left for Findlay without us. I don’t know how he thought Andi & Vicki were going to get to Youth Conference so I ended up driving to Findlay. I tried not to go too fast but couldn’t find may way to the chapel. I had to stop for directions. I was praying that everyone was still there & thank heavens they were. So the girls got on their way. Tracy Armstrong got out of their car and asked “Where were you guys?” in her high, squeaky voice. I told her to get back in the car, I didn’t wantto talk to her. She got a very surprised look on her face & tried to talk again. I told her to GET IN THE CAR or I’d blow up at her and I didn’t want to do that. She quietly did that. I was so very mad, ANGRY, at her dad Bob for leaving without us when he knew we were on our way. We got to Findlay at 11:30am and were supposed to meet the welfare truck in Napoleon at 11:15am. Needless to say – we didn’t get groceries. Jen & Beth & I were hungry and we were going north on I-75 so we stopped in B.G. and Beth went to her old preschool (Dunn’s Kiddie Kare) to see Susie & Dina – her teachers. She was shy. Susie invited her back when the kids weren’t resting. We had cheeseburgers, then stopped at Steve & Allison Dunn’s – across the street from the church. We had some ice water & visited a little, then headed home. We got home at 2:30pm. We were also supposed to mow the lawn at church but I was too physically & emotionally tired! These last 2 days are some I’d rather forget!


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