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Mom’s Journal part 10

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

16 Sept 1982

Well – another strange day. This whole month so far has been unusual. Today is my 35th birthday. Am I really that old? I sure have NOT improved with age. Andi, Cindy & Jeff are having problems and now parents are involved – what a MESS! I guess everyone forgot my birthday until just before supper. Ed gave me a beautiful card and a Corelle platter & serving bowl that matches our dishes. I had mentioned that they were on sale. I’ve never had a platter and always need more serving bowls. They’re really nice. It has been bad sometimes not having a car but we’re surviving. Mrs Psurny said she can’t pick up Beth anymore. I tried to play on her sympathies but I guess she has none. Our neighbor across the street will take Beth to & from school. I hope I can get a car soon. I don’t like having to ask people to run me here or there. I had a Dr appt Tues. for a pap test, and to check a spot on my incision. It was pouchy & bleeding. He said it was an oil gland infection. He gave me a prescription. Then Wed, Kristi had to see the nurse practitioner. She had a development test & did excellent! She grabs things, talks, has excellent eye-hand coordination and is generally above average. She is 16# 8 oz which puts her at 75% weight. That means 75% of girls her age weigh less. She measures 27 3/4″ which is 95%. Lana (the N.P.) said she is just right. She had her DPT shot so she’s been ouchy yesterday & today. She got her 1st tooth Monday. It looks so cute! I’m so glad I’m a mother – it is a divine duty and I love it. Well – my birthday is over and I’m very tired. It’s 12:30am. Herb & Mom got married. The ceremony was at 10:30 am. Nite!

5 Oct. 1982

Time flies! Mom & Herb are very happy! Kristi has 2 teeth now, and they are so cute. She is so fun. She was 7 mo. old Sunday and I’m so glad she’s here. Jenny came home Sunday after a week’s vacation to the World’s Fair, Kentucky, Tennessee & North Carolina with my parents. She had so much fun – I’m glad she was able to go. She missed a whole week of school but the experience was good for her. She got to be top banana with Grandma & Grandpa for a whole week. I hope they didn’t spend too much money on her. Sometimes I feel that Jen is such a good-natured kid – willing to help out , sensible, conscientious, etc. – that she gets overlooked. I’ve been trying to remedy this. I love her so much. I know I don’t tell her enough. I’ve been having conflicts with Andi & Beth. Maybe to show & tell them I love them more will help. I’m really concerned about Andi’s use of bad language & her bad judgment. She seems to have no respect for adult authority. I’m really concerned. I’m hoping her church membership & what she knows in her heart to be true & right will carry her thru. Beth is becoming rebellious and mouthy. I’m sure it’s because she hears it at home. I’m as guilty as everyone else but will try harder! I got my haircut so maybe it will be easier to take care of now. Well – I want to shower & wash my hair before I go to bed and its already 11:10pm. I hope I’m more prompt next time.

3 Nov. 1982

Another month has gone by! Today was Elsie Humbarger’s funeral. She died from heart trouble on Sunday. She was a sweet lady and a good Mormon. Jenni McKarns & I sang a duet accomp. by Maureen on piano. We sang Nearer My God to Thee. I muffed up my alto part in the 1st verse but recovered after a few notes. I wasn’t too nervous –  I thought I’d be petrified!! I prayed to H.F. to help my voice. We got several compliments so I guess it was OK. That’s the first time I ever did anything like that. I hope Elsie was pleased.

Today Kristi is 8 mo. old. I’m so glad we have her. It’s amazing how much you love your 1st child and then find room for more & more children and love them just as much. Kristi sits up, then gets herself down to her stomach & pulls herself around. If she wants to sit back up she does. She goes anywhere and finds the most minute piece of dirt, paper, anything. I have to be a neater housekeeper. Beth is a good helper. She holds Kristi & even put her to sleep the other day. She loves preschool! Every day she asks me if it is time for school I’m thankful that Loretta lets me use her car. She is a good neighbor. I’m glad to have her as a friend. Jenny is worried about trying out forcheerleader in 2 wks or so. Andi is involved in Junior Achievement right now – I’m glad she got over her “I’m too busy” stage . It was driving me BONKERS! It sure is a difficult job being a parent. It’s one job you never get any training for. I have decided to begin a weight reduction program & exercises. I’ve just about had it being fat! I’m sick of flab all over & not being able to fit in my clothes. Maybe this is my motivation. I pray that H.F. helps me achieve this. I want to be proud of myself, and I’m not very pleased with my look. I also want to re-read the Bible and Book of Mormon. So changes are in store for this gal! Please let me be a success!



  1. Thanks, Kristi. Reading these entries is almost as good as hearing her speak. I was saddened to read of her complain about me again. I know I was responsible for treating her poorly many times, but it was usually a mutual fault deal and she seldom owned up to her part of the problem. I remember being very excited to land that job at Campbells; I believe she had been on my case because we were down to one car… she never would back down on any issue – it was her way or else we’d hear about it. All too often, she’d use it as an excuse to justify doing something, somewhere, with somebody and then put the pressure on you daughters to keep it all from me. It was hard enough to learn she had never changed; hard enough to learn of her deception. But what hurts the most was what she did to you girls; to demand that you keep her secrets all this time, from me.

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