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Mom’s Journal part 9

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

30 Aug 1982

It’s 7:20 am and Andi & Jen have just gotten on the bus for their first day at school for this year. It seems like my life never gets calmer, only much busier! Sat the 28th the Relief Society had a Visiting Teaching luncheon at church. Sis Carol Malone read a very moving story about the effect that 2 visiting teachers had on one inactive family. Maureen & I played Love One Another, me on piano, she onviolin. That was beautifully moving too! We had some time for sisters to share some of their experiences. Almost everyone was crying. It was a super mtg – I’m glad I went. Then Sunday was hectic at church. Ed had to count tithing so by the time we got home our roast was cooked to death! It was edible though. Last night Ed’s mom called to say she & Herb are getting married. Hurray! We really love Herb – he’s such a good guy! He’s from Brooklyn so sometimes he has quite an accent. Sometime over Labor Day weekend we’re to go to the lake to meet his kids & their families. Another busy weekend. Hopefully we’ll go to church in Bowling Green, then on to Jeff & Judy’s for Keith’s baptism, then to the lake. Monday is the GOOD reunion. If Campbell’s calls Ed to work, that will all change. He would need the car to get back & forth to work. He is really hopeful after being there for 7 hours on Friday. He talked to 7 different people and the asst personnel man said it looked real good. He would make a little more than he did at Essman’s so that will be nice. They’re supposed to call today. The girls got up at 6 am so here goes another school year. They both are really excited – Andi is a Junior and Jen is in 7th grade. They are much too grown up. Beth starts preschool next wk so I imagine she’ll be excited too! Then before I know it Kristi will be in school! Time sure does fly!! Ed got the job at Campbell’s!!!

3 Sept 1982

Today Kristen is 6 mo old. Last night I had one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a long time. Maureen’s string group is going to accompany the Williams County Mass choir, comprised of people from area churches. Maureen asked if I wanted to sing in it and I said yes. Boy am I glad I did. There are 150 – 200 people and it is so fun to sing in a big group. Dave Connor is also singing in the choir. Some of the songs are hard and some are beautiful. It’s going to be really fun! But then I came home & Ed was a class# GRUMP! Kristi was crying and Beth had been bugging him. He had to watch them because Andi & Jenny were both babysitting. He sure ruined my evening. Today I was stuck in the house all day with no adult conversation. When Ed got home he said he had Sat, Sun & Mon off but would be on days for all of Sept. at least. That means I’m stuck here without transportation. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I just signed Beth up for preschool. All I could see was cutting Beth out of something that means so much to her. Kristi & I also have Dr appts so I may have to call the taxi. Mary Blazer (preschool teacher) said that a Psurny lived somewhere by us. It turns out that they live right down the road from us. She will pick up Beth & bring her home. I offered to pay for gas – I’m not sure how much to offer. I’m still mad at Ed. He just has not been the kind of husband & father I want him to be. He is not considerate of my feelings – everything he does is his idea and to heck with anyone or anything that interferes. He usually makes this big show of asking my opinion then goes ahead & does what HE has decided. It really makes me angry! I don’t know what I can do to get him to change – at least be more thoughtful of my needing some adult companionship after talking to children all day. I do love him & that’s why it bothers me so much. So – it’s nearing the end of a positively ROTTEN day! Tomorrow we are going to the lake for the day – go for a boat ride & have a picnic. Herb & Ed’s mom decided to get married. They already have their license. I really do like Herb. He is so nice and it’s obvious that they love and care for each other. So much for now!

Wed Sept 8, 1982

Beth has gone to her 1st day at preschool. She was so excited! Andi & Jenny are both doing well in school. Andi is working really hard in marching band & Jen just found out she’s 3rd chair alto saxophone. The 1st & 2nd chairs are 8th graders. Kristi is down for her afternoon nap – it’s quiet. Sat. we went to Fostoria, changed cars (took Mom’s) and headed to Port Clinton. We met Herb’s sons, their wives & kids. We had a very nice time. Bob & Wade & their families are all very nice. Mom & Herb have picked my birthday to get married. They are even using my favorite scripture during the ceremony. I wish we could attend. Well – I’d better get some work done since I have some free time.


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