Posted by: krittikae | October 29, 2011

A Letter From Dad

** For a change of pace, here’s a letter I found from Dad. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy reading it and remembering. There’s some pretty timely advice in there too. **

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

To the women in my life; Sharon, Andi, Jen, Beth, and Kristi:

This letter to you is motivated by uncertainty. I know that the procedure tomorrow is pretty much standard, run of the mill stuff; that its highly unlikely that anything will go wrong. What bothers me is what the doctor will find, and what it will mean for my future. What bothers me even more is what would happen if I don’t take a few minutes now to tell you what is on my mind, while I still have the chance. I fully expect to be around for years to come, but just in case I don’t get the chance to tell you myself, I want to write it now – I will always love you.

I want to express my love for each of you. Today, I received Andi’s letter and Beth’s e-mail, both of which made me cry. You told me of your memories of things we have shared, things that I had nearly forgotten, but which mean so much to you. They mean as much to me – maybe even more!

I, too have memories. Each of you has impacted my life, has made me a better person. I realize that I have made many mistakes over the years, but you have stuck by me no matter what came along and no matter how I acted or reacted at the time. You have shown patience and understanding even though I didn’t deserve it.

In spite of it all, we have come a long way together – that’s the key to our success – we did it together. We had our trials, we had our hard times, but we came through them by helping each other when we needed it the most. There have been a lot of tears spilled, I think of how I cried when Andi left for South Carolina and when Jen left for Utah – I was just positive that I wouldn’t see either of you again!

I take pride in the nearly 35 years of marriage that Mom and I share. We have learned to trust each other, to respect each other, and most importantly to love each other no matter what. My life today would be an empty shell without your mother. For these many years, she has put up with a lot of nonsense from me, but she still loves me, and cares for my needs, and nags me until I listen to her – just like I need her to do.

I am also proud of the four beautiful and intelligent daughters that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with. Each of you has special talents and skills that set you apart; yet each of you share a common love that binds you together. I marvel at the five terrific grandchildren that you have given us. I must be a terrible bore to the people I work with because I am forever boasting about my grandkids and their achievements. My desk at work is crowded with their pictures. My world revolves around them. My greatest joy is to share a hug with them; my greatest fear is that they might forget me after I’m gone.

Mom and I have talked about how we have been the pioneers for you by joining the Church when we did. Please, stay close to the Church yourselves. Don’t fall away. Strengthen yourselves spiritually so that your children will want to do the same. With the world the way it is today, I hope and pray that they will not be led astray by the temptations of the temporal world. I want them to see me as a good example so that they will want to stay close to the Gospel, so that they will honor and respect their parents, so that they will be good examples to their children and grandchildren some day. If there were anything that I want from this life, it would be the sure knowledge that I was a positive influence in the lives of my family.

To the men in the lives of my daughters, Alan, Keith, and Chris; I ask that you take care of my girls. Treat them with the respect that is due them as daughters of our Heavenly Father. Provide for the spiritual needs as well as their temporal. Make sure that they are happy. Love them as I have loved them – no matter what.

To Sharon, I pledge my undying love. No matter what happens over the next days, weeks, months or years, I will always love you and appreciate your loyalty to me. I want to make up to you for all my shortcomings. I want you to be proud of me. I want to share eternity with you.

With all my love to each of you,


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