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Back, Maybe…

I haven’t wanted to write anything in a while. I wasn’t inspired to write except in my journal. The last time I typed out one of my mom’s journal entries was nearly a year ago – someone thought that someone else would take offense to something my mom wrote about. So I was asked to edit my mother’s words. I chose to make that post private instead, but it made me want to take a break.

Since then, we’ve had a roller coaster with Dad’s health and well being. He got an apartment, wrecked his car, had eye surgery…. my sisters are taking care of Dad as well as they can I think, but you can tell they’re frustrated by it. I wish I could do something to help, but what can I do? I work 16 hour days in order to just barely pay our bills. Sometimes I can’t buy food. I can’t send money. I live 1600 miles away. I can’t pick Dad up for his appointments. Would you like me to call and quizz you over the phone to find out every single detail? If I thought that would help, I would. But then again, those darn 16 hour days. I’d call you about midnight. That’s when I get home.

I always had a pretty good relationship with my Mom. I’m fully aware of what my mother did, and what she was accused of doing, but I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t change the way she behaved towards me. It doesn’t change who I knew her to be. I was lucky. I knew both my parents loved me and were proud of me. I got to know my Mom very well, as a child and as an adult. We’d hang out and have fun. We had the same cackling laugh. It was hard to watch her get sick, and it was awful to lose her, but I’m not angry at her for anything. Mom lived a life full of contradictions, but in her own way, she loved everyone in it. It might not have been the way you expected to be loved, or the way you would have chosen, but sometimes you don’t choose. Sometimes you just need to love a person for what they are, not what you want them to be.

So I’ve decided to continue my mom’s journal, whenever I have time. And I won’t spare anyone’s feelings. I won’t edit her. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t tell others to read it. She was my mom, for better or worse. These were her thoughts. If I were to edit them to try to spare someone’s feelings, it’s like I’d be rewriting history. You know what? Mom wasn’t always nice. Sometimes she’d say or write or think mean things. Sometimes I do too. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the people in my life. I hope someday people will find enough value in my words to not want to rewrite me.

I’d prefer to remember things like they were – rather than trying to remember only the best.

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49 things about me, because it’s funny.

 49 questions about me!

I share a middle name with my mother.

The last sappy movie I watched, probably around Christmas.

Yeah. I changed it when I was 16, so it’s pretty.

Usually ham, unless it’s the oven roasted turkey with meunster from work.

Not yet, hopefully soon.

I’d hope so, I’m pretty awesome.

Never, are you kidding me? Lol, ALL the time.

I should hope so, it’s been awhile since I checked, and the battery in the homing signal died.

Only if it was a choice between that and jumping without a giant rubber band tied to me.

Cinnamon Crispix, but they don’t make it anymore, so Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Sort of, but that’s what husbands are for – to lift the heavy things and open jars.

Mint Chocolate Chip



Currently, my wheeziness. I’m not sleeping well.



If I made resolutions, it would be all of them.

Gray and red sneakers.

Olive Garden. I had the seasonal soup with the special dinner, followed by one of those tiny desserts.

“Holiday” by GreenDay

Sunshine Yellow

Cinnamon, Cut grass, Soap

The hubs

Both have perks, but probably Beach House.

Football, specifically the Toledo Rockets

I am a fake red-head.



Chicken Fajitas

Happy endings

I watched a bunch over Christmas that I’d recorded off the DVR. Last in the theater was Harry Potter 2.

Blue with black pin stripes. I’ve had this shirt for 7 years, oh my gosh.

Winter in Texas is pretty mild, while summer is brutal whether you live in Texas or Ohio. So Winter.

Both from my husband, hugs from very good friends or small children only. Otherwise don’t touch me. Creepy people.

Cherry cheesecake

Which one does Facebooking count as?

Both – TV usually for background noise.

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson

Currently my mouse, 42 cents, 2 push pins, and my ipod. The mouse pad color is plain black.

Water running, babies laughing, and my husband breathing. I’m the creepy person that checks in the middle of the night that he’s still breathing.

Both are WAY overplayed, but I do enjoy more Beatles songs.

San Francisco. At the time, I lived in Ohio, so it was a couple thousand miles.
They’re all special.
Bryan Ohio

Houston TX

Tan with a red door.
Seafoam blue metallic. Because blue just doesn’t describe it well enough.
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Ancient Art: still influential

Is it weird that when I think about people from ancient to medival times, I think of them as looking like this?:

Æthelred the Unready

Example: Æthelred the Unready – He was king of England from 978–1013 and 1014–1016. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I picture everyone walking around looking like an 8 year old drew their faces.

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Protected: Mom’s Journal part 11

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A Letter From Dad

** For a change of pace, here’s a letter I found from Dad. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy reading it and remembering. There’s some pretty timely advice in there too. **

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

To the women in my life; Sharon, Andi, Jen, Beth, and Kristi:

This letter to you is motivated by uncertainty. I know that the procedure tomorrow is pretty much standard, run of the mill stuff; that its highly unlikely that anything will go wrong. What bothers me is what the doctor will find, and what it will mean for my future. What bothers me even more is what would happen if I don’t take a few minutes now to tell you what is on my mind, while I still have the chance. I fully expect to be around for years to come, but just in case I don’t get the chance to tell you myself, I want to write it now – I will always love you.

I want to express my love for each of you. Today, I received Andi’s letter and Beth’s e-mail, both of which made me cry. You told me of your memories of things we have shared, things that I had nearly forgotten, but which mean so much to you. They mean as much to me – maybe even more!

I, too have memories. Each of you has impacted my life, has made me a better person. I realize that I have made many mistakes over the years, but you have stuck by me no matter what came along and no matter how I acted or reacted at the time. You have shown patience and understanding even though I didn’t deserve it.

In spite of it all, we have come a long way together – that’s the key to our success – we did it together. We had our trials, we had our hard times, but we came through them by helping each other when we needed it the most. There have been a lot of tears spilled, I think of how I cried when Andi left for South Carolina and when Jen left for Utah – I was just positive that I wouldn’t see either of you again!

I take pride in the nearly 35 years of marriage that Mom and I share. We have learned to trust each other, to respect each other, and most importantly to love each other no matter what. My life today would be an empty shell without your mother. For these many years, she has put up with a lot of nonsense from me, but she still loves me, and cares for my needs, and nags me until I listen to her – just like I need her to do.

I am also proud of the four beautiful and intelligent daughters that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with. Each of you has special talents and skills that set you apart; yet each of you share a common love that binds you together. I marvel at the five terrific grandchildren that you have given us. I must be a terrible bore to the people I work with because I am forever boasting about my grandkids and their achievements. My desk at work is crowded with their pictures. My world revolves around them. My greatest joy is to share a hug with them; my greatest fear is that they might forget me after I’m gone.

Mom and I have talked about how we have been the pioneers for you by joining the Church when we did. Please, stay close to the Church yourselves. Don’t fall away. Strengthen yourselves spiritually so that your children will want to do the same. With the world the way it is today, I hope and pray that they will not be led astray by the temptations of the temporal world. I want them to see me as a good example so that they will want to stay close to the Gospel, so that they will honor and respect their parents, so that they will be good examples to their children and grandchildren some day. If there were anything that I want from this life, it would be the sure knowledge that I was a positive influence in the lives of my family.

To the men in the lives of my daughters, Alan, Keith, and Chris; I ask that you take care of my girls. Treat them with the respect that is due them as daughters of our Heavenly Father. Provide for the spiritual needs as well as their temporal. Make sure that they are happy. Love them as I have loved them – no matter what.

To Sharon, I pledge my undying love. No matter what happens over the next days, weeks, months or years, I will always love you and appreciate your loyalty to me. I want to make up to you for all my shortcomings. I want you to be proud of me. I want to share eternity with you.

With all my love to each of you,

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Mom’s Journal part 10

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

16 Sept 1982

Well – another strange day. This whole month so far has been unusual. Today is my 35th birthday. Am I really that old? I sure have NOT improved with age. Andi, Cindy & Jeff are having problems and now parents are involved – what a MESS! I guess everyone forgot my birthday until just before supper. Ed gave me a beautiful card and a Corelle platter & serving bowl that matches our dishes. I had mentioned that they were on sale. I’ve never had a platter and always need more serving bowls. They’re really nice. It has been bad sometimes not having a car but we’re surviving. Mrs Psurny said she can’t pick up Beth anymore. I tried to play on her sympathies but I guess she has none. Our neighbor across the street will take Beth to & from school. I hope I can get a car soon. I don’t like having to ask people to run me here or there. I had a Dr appt Tues. for a pap test, and to check a spot on my incision. It was pouchy & bleeding. He said it was an oil gland infection. He gave me a prescription. Then Wed, Kristi had to see the nurse practitioner. She had a development test & did excellent! She grabs things, talks, has excellent eye-hand coordination and is generally above average. She is 16# 8 oz which puts her at 75% weight. That means 75% of girls her age weigh less. She measures 27 3/4″ which is 95%. Lana (the N.P.) said she is just right. She had her DPT shot so she’s been ouchy yesterday & today. She got her 1st tooth Monday. It looks so cute! I’m so glad I’m a mother – it is a divine duty and I love it. Well – my birthday is over and I’m very tired. It’s 12:30am. Herb & Mom got married. The ceremony was at 10:30 am. Nite!

5 Oct. 1982

Time flies! Mom & Herb are very happy! Kristi has 2 teeth now, and they are so cute. She is so fun. She was 7 mo. old Sunday and I’m so glad she’s here. Jenny came home Sunday after a week’s vacation to the World’s Fair, Kentucky, Tennessee & North Carolina with my parents. She had so much fun – I’m glad she was able to go. She missed a whole week of school but the experience was good for her. She got to be top banana with Grandma & Grandpa for a whole week. I hope they didn’t spend too much money on her. Sometimes I feel that Jen is such a good-natured kid – willing to help out , sensible, conscientious, etc. – that she gets overlooked. I’ve been trying to remedy this. I love her so much. I know I don’t tell her enough. I’ve been having conflicts with Andi & Beth. Maybe to show & tell them I love them more will help. I’m really concerned about Andi’s use of bad language & her bad judgment. She seems to have no respect for adult authority. I’m really concerned. I’m hoping her church membership & what she knows in her heart to be true & right will carry her thru. Beth is becoming rebellious and mouthy. I’m sure it’s because she hears it at home. I’m as guilty as everyone else but will try harder! I got my haircut so maybe it will be easier to take care of now. Well – I want to shower & wash my hair before I go to bed and its already 11:10pm. I hope I’m more prompt next time.

3 Nov. 1982

Another month has gone by! Today was Elsie Humbarger’s funeral. She died from heart trouble on Sunday. She was a sweet lady and a good Mormon. Jenni McKarns & I sang a duet accomp. by Maureen on piano. We sang Nearer My God to Thee. I muffed up my alto part in the 1st verse but recovered after a few notes. I wasn’t too nervous –  I thought I’d be petrified!! I prayed to H.F. to help my voice. We got several compliments so I guess it was OK. That’s the first time I ever did anything like that. I hope Elsie was pleased.

Today Kristi is 8 mo. old. I’m so glad we have her. It’s amazing how much you love your 1st child and then find room for more & more children and love them just as much. Kristi sits up, then gets herself down to her stomach & pulls herself around. If she wants to sit back up she does. She goes anywhere and finds the most minute piece of dirt, paper, anything. I have to be a neater housekeeper. Beth is a good helper. She holds Kristi & even put her to sleep the other day. She loves preschool! Every day she asks me if it is time for school I’m thankful that Loretta lets me use her car. She is a good neighbor. I’m glad to have her as a friend. Jenny is worried about trying out forcheerleader in 2 wks or so. Andi is involved in Junior Achievement right now – I’m glad she got over her “I’m too busy” stage . It was driving me BONKERS! It sure is a difficult job being a parent. It’s one job you never get any training for. I have decided to begin a weight reduction program & exercises. I’ve just about had it being fat! I’m sick of flab all over & not being able to fit in my clothes. Maybe this is my motivation. I pray that H.F. helps me achieve this. I want to be proud of myself, and I’m not very pleased with my look. I also want to re-read the Bible and Book of Mormon. So changes are in store for this gal! Please let me be a success!

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Mom’s Journal part 9

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

30 Aug 1982

It’s 7:20 am and Andi & Jen have just gotten on the bus for their first day at school for this year. It seems like my life never gets calmer, only much busier! Sat the 28th the Relief Society had a Visiting Teaching luncheon at church. Sis Carol Malone read a very moving story about the effect that 2 visiting teachers had on one inactive family. Maureen & I played Love One Another, me on piano, she onviolin. That was beautifully moving too! We had some time for sisters to share some of their experiences. Almost everyone was crying. It was a super mtg – I’m glad I went. Then Sunday was hectic at church. Ed had to count tithing so by the time we got home our roast was cooked to death! It was edible though. Last night Ed’s mom called to say she & Herb are getting married. Hurray! We really love Herb – he’s such a good guy! He’s from Brooklyn so sometimes he has quite an accent. Sometime over Labor Day weekend we’re to go to the lake to meet his kids & their families. Another busy weekend. Hopefully we’ll go to church in Bowling Green, then on to Jeff & Judy’s for Keith’s baptism, then to the lake. Monday is the GOOD reunion. If Campbell’s calls Ed to work, that will all change. He would need the car to get back & forth to work. He is really hopeful after being there for 7 hours on Friday. He talked to 7 different people and the asst personnel man said it looked real good. He would make a little more than he did at Essman’s so that will be nice. They’re supposed to call today. The girls got up at 6 am so here goes another school year. They both are really excited – Andi is a Junior and Jen is in 7th grade. They are much too grown up. Beth starts preschool next wk so I imagine she’ll be excited too! Then before I know it Kristi will be in school! Time sure does fly!! Ed got the job at Campbell’s!!!

3 Sept 1982

Today Kristen is 6 mo old. Last night I had one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a long time. Maureen’s string group is going to accompany the Williams County Mass choir, comprised of people from area churches. Maureen asked if I wanted to sing in it and I said yes. Boy am I glad I did. There are 150 – 200 people and it is so fun to sing in a big group. Dave Connor is also singing in the choir. Some of the songs are hard and some are beautiful. It’s going to be really fun! But then I came home & Ed was a class# GRUMP! Kristi was crying and Beth had been bugging him. He had to watch them because Andi & Jenny were both babysitting. He sure ruined my evening. Today I was stuck in the house all day with no adult conversation. When Ed got home he said he had Sat, Sun & Mon off but would be on days for all of Sept. at least. That means I’m stuck here without transportation. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I just signed Beth up for preschool. All I could see was cutting Beth out of something that means so much to her. Kristi & I also have Dr appts so I may have to call the taxi. Mary Blazer (preschool teacher) said that a Psurny lived somewhere by us. It turns out that they live right down the road from us. She will pick up Beth & bring her home. I offered to pay for gas – I’m not sure how much to offer. I’m still mad at Ed. He just has not been the kind of husband & father I want him to be. He is not considerate of my feelings – everything he does is his idea and to heck with anyone or anything that interferes. He usually makes this big show of asking my opinion then goes ahead & does what HE has decided. It really makes me angry! I don’t know what I can do to get him to change – at least be more thoughtful of my needing some adult companionship after talking to children all day. I do love him & that’s why it bothers me so much. So – it’s nearing the end of a positively ROTTEN day! Tomorrow we are going to the lake for the day – go for a boat ride & have a picnic. Herb & Ed’s mom decided to get married. They already have their license. I really do like Herb. He is so nice and it’s obvious that they love and care for each other. So much for now!

Wed Sept 8, 1982

Beth has gone to her 1st day at preschool. She was so excited! Andi & Jenny are both doing well in school. Andi is working really hard in marching band & Jen just found out she’s 3rd chair alto saxophone. The 1st & 2nd chairs are 8th graders. Kristi is down for her afternoon nap – it’s quiet. Sat. we went to Fostoria, changed cars (took Mom’s) and headed to Port Clinton. We met Herb’s sons, their wives & kids. We had a very nice time. Bob & Wade & their families are all very nice. Mom & Herb have picked my birthday to get married. They are even using my favorite scripture during the ceremony. I wish we could attend. Well – I’d better get some work done since I have some free time.

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3 year anniversary

Lately, I haven’t been inspired to write my own words. Instead, I’ve been copying out my mother’s words, so that everyone that misses her can feel her just a bit closer. But today is my 3 year wedding anniversary, and that deserves a celebration.

3 years ago today, Paul and I, Mom and Dad, and Beth, Chris, and the kids all drove about 9 hours to Nauvoo IL. You know how people say the wedding day is all about the bride? My wedding day was, but since family is the most important thing I can imagine, I made sure to spend my day with them. Nauvoo is my favorite church history site, and Nauvoo is my favorite temple. I wanted to always keep a picture in my home of the temple in which I was married. We have a picture of the Nauvoo temple in every room of our home.

My family was incredibly gracious – driving 9 or 10 hours into practically the middle of nowhere, just to satisfy my desire to go inside this beautiful temple. Paul’s family was understanding; they were willing to wait 2 weeks and celebrate with us at a reception, rather than feeling left out of the temple proceedings.

A lot has changed in 3 years. I lost my Mom. I moved to Texas. I made new friends. I got new jobs. Paul started college. I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, but only enough to know how very much more I need to learn. I make mistakes, every day. But I keep trying.

Most of all, I’d do it all again.


3 years and counting…. eternal love.

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Mom’s Journal part 8

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

20 May 1982

I can’t believe its been so long! A week ago yesterday was the Miss & her mom party at church. It was nice. My hot German potato saladmade a big hit. Andi & Jenny read a poem. After sharing time I had to show everyone how to make bonnet pincushions. Everyone’s turned out cute! Tonight is the band banquet (Andi’s) at the High School. It starts at 6:30pm. Andi will get her letter “B”. She’s really excited. It seems strange to think Andi will graduate in 2 years. Sometimes she’s so mature, then other times she’s like a 2 yr. old. I guess that’s teen hormones. Jenny is rapidly growing up. She’s 12 and very thin. She’ll never be fat! They are both so helpful. Beth is beginning to be a little difficult. She never wants to help do anything and gets sent to bed alot!! Mostly she’s pretty good though. Her last day of preschool was last Thursday, so she is done for the summer. In the fall she’ll have class in the mornings on Tues & Thurs. She’s really excited. She just learned she can pick up Kristen and carry her. Kristen is so cute & sweet. She just fits into 6 – 9 mo. clothes and is growing fast. She’s very lovable. I’m so glad she decided to come to earth. She’s worth everything I went through. I love her so much. I love Andi, Jenny, & Beth too. It’s amazing how much you can love a child!!

24 May 1982

Kristi is getting better tempered. At times she’s mad & angry but most of the time she’s pretty happy. She’s more patient about not eating every 2 hrs. I’m baking bread today, plus doing lots of laundry. Kristen is asleep for the night, Beth is in bed. I gave them both a bath. Andi’s in her room & Jenny is going. Ed just went to bed so it’s quiet. I made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread, plus 8 cinnamon rolls. I need more bread pans, though. I have 2 glass ones, plus a round one, plus a long tube one. When I make a batch of bread I always have dough left over.

I started a white basket today for Valerie Prine for a graduation present. I really feel down tonight. As soon as Andi & Jenny get home from school they head to Murphy’s Mart to play Pac-Man or Atari. I’m fed up with it! Beth has been onery all day. I’m just tired & worn out. The house is a mess – the dishes are all dirty – clothes dirty. I just feel overwhelmed right now. The girls have not been doing their assignments – oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I think I’ll bake white bread & some cookies. Bethwants to make gingerbread boys & decorate them. Well it’s 10:30 pm, I’m tired and I still need to fold garments & straighten the living room.

24 June 1982

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by! Ed got laid off – only for 2 mos. I hope. It hasn’t been too bad with him home. He’s going to be painting an apartment for the Starks. It will go towards our rent. Andi is gone to my mom’s babysitting for Jason while Leila & Bill are at the World’s Fair. Leila just found out she’s pregnant. She’s so happy. I’m glad for her. She’s wanted to get pregnant for some time. I’ve said prayers for her. Judy is due any day. I hope they both have girls.

26 June 1982

Well – today has been an unusual day. Jo called this morning to tell us that Grandpa Slaughterbeck died this morning at 9:04am. Then Jeff called at 11:00 or so to tell us that he & Judy had just had a 7# plus boy. All this on Ed’s 45th birthday. What an unsettling day for him. He feels like he needs to be there but there is no way we can go 3 times in 3 days. Ed is going to ask Bro. Mortensen if he could run him to Fostoria then the girls & I will go on Tues. morning for the funeral. Andi leaves for Atlanta at 9am with the band so she won’t be with us. Beth has a talk at church tomorrow so I have to help her now. Oh – I was released from the Stake Primary. More later. —

8 July 1982

It seems like it gets longer & longer between entries. Today is a Thursday 5 days after our 17th anniversary, and our 1st anniversary of being in Bryan. Ed has been painting the Stark’s apartment house. The funny thing is he is busier now than when he was working. Tues. he went to camp with the Cub Scouts & had fun. Andi sure had fun in Atlanta. We heard them on the radio and that was a thrill. When Bill Priest (WBNO announcer) said, “I see a band coming – they’re black & white with some gold!! Here they are folks!!! They Bryan Golden Bears!!!!” I think everyone was as thrilled as I was. I’m sending a thank you to the radio station. I also am applying for 2 jobs this am plus do dishes and go visiting teaching.

5 Aug 1982

Yesterday and today have sure been rotten! Today I had to drive all the way to Findlay. Boy was I mad! This week my brother Ed has been staying here to help my Ed paint the Haller’s house. They figure they should get done tomorrow. Then Ed might paint the Zetterlind’s house. I don’t know when he’ll get back to work. He put in an application at Campbell’s in Napoleon. They said they’d be calling in a few wks. Yesterday he worked so long at Hallers (forgot his church mtgs) that the girls & I were late for our mtgs. Then Sis Malone said that we would need to pick up our own groceries (church welfare) at Napoleon. Well – on the way there I got stopped by a badge-happy lady cop in Ney for going 33 mph. I was slowing down but not down to 25 when the sign was there. I was at 25 mph by the traffic signal – a few feet farther than the sign. She waited until I was almost out of town before she turned her lights on. Boy was I mad! I didn’t get a ticket but she took my name and SS#. That was last night. I was so keyed up I couldn’t sleep. Then this morning I had to drive Andi to Dorsey’s to pick up Vicki then to church in Defiance to meet the Armstrongs. They aregoing to a youth activity. Bob Armstrong wanted to save himself a trip to the church (he lives in Paulding) so he called Dorsey’s and told them to tellme just to go to his house. I was sure Rt 127 was detoured but Bob said no, I could get there. Well, it was detoured – to Rt 18 then to Rt 24 (both near Defiance) then into Paulding. I don’t know where he thought we were (he knew we were coming) but he left for Findlay without us. I don’t know how he thought Andi & Vicki were going to get to Youth Conference so I ended up driving to Findlay. I tried not to go too fast but couldn’t find may way to the chapel. I had to stop for directions. I was praying that everyone was still there & thank heavens they were. So the girls got on their way. Tracy Armstrong got out of their car and asked “Where were you guys?” in her high, squeaky voice. I told her to get back in the car, I didn’t wantto talk to her. She got a very surprised look on her face & tried to talk again. I told her to GET IN THE CAR or I’d blow up at her and I didn’t want to do that. She quietly did that. I was so very mad, ANGRY, at her dad Bob for leaving without us when he knew we were on our way. We got to Findlay at 11:30am and were supposed to meet the welfare truck in Napoleon at 11:15am. Needless to say – we didn’t get groceries. Jen & Beth & I were hungry and we were going north on I-75 so we stopped in B.G. and Beth went to her old preschool (Dunn’s Kiddie Kare) to see Susie & Dina – her teachers. She was shy. Susie invited her back when the kids weren’t resting. We had cheeseburgers, then stopped at Steve & Allison Dunn’s – across the street from the church. We had some ice water & visited a little, then headed home. We got home at 2:30pm. We were also supposed to mow the lawn at church but I was too physically & emotionally tired! These last 2 days are some I’d rather forget!

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Mom’s Journal part 7

*editorial note – all spelling, punctuation, and super long paragraphs are solely the work of the author.*

20 Mar 1982

Well – have I ever been busy! This 2 weeks have been fun! Kristi is so sweet and fun to care for. She hasn’t liked her tub bath too well but she smells so good afterwards. She’s been a pretty good baby. I’ve started her on rice cereal – she really loves it!It helps her get full. She’s been hard to keep full – she wants to nurse & nurse. Sometimes I have to feed her an ounce of formula after I nurse her. The cereal helps though. She has thinned out quite a bit – her face is longer & thinner. I should measure her – I’ll bet she’s grown!

I want to write down my birth experiences. I’m sure the blessing Ed gave me helped me to heal rapidly & recover faster. The secondday after Kristi was born (Thurs.) I made 8 trips to the nursery & back. The nurses told me that on Friday I had to make 20 trips. The 8 trips tired me out, Friday I didn’t walk a lot. Monika Lewis called me Fri nite, and Dr Tantoco kept walking past the door. When Monika hung up, he came in, checked my incision and said it looked fine. He said I could go home Saturday. Since delivery day isn’t counted, we get to go home on the 3rd day. Kristi has not established a regular routine eating pattern yet, so my milk lets down sometimes when she’s asleep. Mom Stephenson went home last Sat. She said I was feeling so good she felt in the way. Besides, she has a new boyfriend. I’ve done really well. When Kristi is sleeping I do dishes or laundry. Andi has been super about helping out! She’s kept the dishes up and the living room neat. I sure appreciate her! It is difficult to get back in the swing of Primary. We had a mtg Sunday but I feel totally lost! I just can’t seem to get going. I hope it comes together soon!

29 Mar. 1982

I had a lot to do today. I had to take the car to K Mart and leave it. Maureen brought me home, but took Beth to her house to play with Kathy. She fed her lunch and brought her back about 1:30 pm. I got a lot done while she was gone. I did dishes, laundry, fed & bathed Kristi. Kristi fell asleep just before noon and is still asleep (2:00 pm). She should be waking up soon. I straightened the living room because my visiting teachers are coming. Our income tax check (refund) came so we are all getting our eyes checked. I’m sure Jenny will need glasses.

Last Sunday – a week ago yesterday – we took Kristi over to Mom & Dad’s and JoAnne & Jim’s for Tami’s party. We also took her over to Gram & Gramp Slaughterbeck’s. When we were on the way over – we had a flat tire. Ed changed it * when we got to Fostoria, Ed’s mom said we ought to have it fixed. We didn’t and believe it or not – on the way home, outside of Wayne. We thumped & bumped into Wayne, called Ed’s mom to come get us and we spent the night there. Ed had the tire repaired, changed & we came home Mon. afternoon. Beth & Kristi & I had a nice visit with Mrs Garner (our former neighbor) while Ed fixed the tire. We finally got to meet Herb – Ed’s mom’s new boyfriend. He is really nice and Ed & I like him alot! Today is a nice, sunny spring day. Beth is outside playing.

22 Apr 1982

Boy it’s been a long time since I wrote. I’ve been really busy – Ed had a bad cold last week and I have it this week. I hope Kristi doesn’t get sick. She has a Dr. appt next week for her first shot (DPT).

29 Apr. 1982

Beth has been really sick with a cold. I kept her home from school Tues & today. She has a bad cough today. She got a card & $1.00 from Mom & Dad today. They are such thoughtful grandparents. Marsha & Jack sent a letter and card. I also got a letter from Leila. I hit it rich! I have to get busy & write letters. I owe lots of them! Tonight Maureen Zetterlind and I are going visiting teaching. We really have to try harder to get out in the beinning of the month. Herb & Mom are hitting it off really well. They’ve even been smooching in the open refrigerator. They seem to be getting serious. Ed & I think it’s cute.

Today was Ed’s court date to evict Janice from the house in Wayne. Ed says we’ve been good too long. We tried to help them out and all they did was take us for a ride. Welfare would only pay $210.00 and she owes $910.00. It may be that we’ll be stuck for it and have to pay the back rent ourselves. At any rate – she’ll be out of the house and maybe we can sell it or get someone else to rent it. I hope Heavenly Father will bless us somehow to get this taken care of. It sure would be nice to be able to afford things & have some savings. It seems we are always behind on some bill or another. We’ve borrowed as much as we can fromour parents. I guess we’re on our own. At least we have ourfamily, the church, and the love for each other. We have a nice home and food to eat. I hope something good (financially) happens to us soon. I guess I need to be finding a job to supplement our income. Well, my stomach tells me suppertime is near so I’d better get it fixed.

5 May 1982

The court hearing went just fine – now if Janice will live up to her end of the deal. She isto pay us $269.00 (from welfare) plus the normal $200.00 rent for May plus $50.00 extra each month. So from now on she’ll pay $250.00 each month together caught up on the $910.00 she owes plus keep her current. If she doesn’t pay us the $269.00 before May 20 she is in contempt of court and will immediately be evicted. Maybe things are looking up!

Last night was Jenny’s band concert. Their band is really good. I was surprised they sounded so well! It was a really good concert. The orchestra played too so it was an enjoyable evening. Kristi fussed so I took her out and fed her. Then she slept the rest of the concert. Tonight I have an interview with Bro. Heiser from the Stake High Council. It’s probably about my Stake Primary Calling. Maybe I’m being re-called as a counselor under a different President. I just hope it’s not President – I don’t think I could handle that! I have to go to correlation mtg at the Branch tonight too – for Primary. Sis Zetterlind is on vacation and Sis Greutman is there as custodian.

I haven’t gotten much done today – a dab of dishes and 2 loads of laundry. It’s nice & warm again today. Yesterday it was 81°. Today so far it’s 79°. It’s a little overcast too. Rain?

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